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Nanny Poster


1h 39m
Horror, Drama
Senegalese immigrant Aisha lands a job as a nanny for a wealthy Manhattan couple. As she prepares for the arrival of the son she left behind in Senegal, a violent presence begins to invade both her dreams and her reality, threatening to destroy the American Dream she is painstakingly piecing together.
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Directed By: Nikyatu Jusu
Written By: Nikyatu Jusu (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

KornManiak23 says...
5 months ago
This isn't horror at all. It's very boring though.
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Nikki_Nicole says...
5 months ago
Beautiful, dark, surreal. This is more a psychological thriller than your typical horror. Some viewers may be disappointed based on expectations of the horror genre but I absolutely loved this film. The cinematography was gorgeous and I really enjoyed Anna Diop's performance. Looking forward to seeing more from director Nikyatu Jusu. "The spirits equipped us with resilience. But the spirits' tools aren't always kind. Some want blood, an eye for an eye. Some just want you rebirthed so you can persist. One can never really define good and evil. My question for you, Aisha: How do you use your rage? Is it your superpower, or is it your kryptonite?" This one will stay with me for a while.
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Acoucalancha says...
6 months ago
A dark drama about an immigrant trying to make it in America as a nanny all the while trying to reunite with her son. A heartwarming premise for sure but the inclusion of half-baked horror elements diminishes it's well-done drama elements and you're ultimately left with something that fails in both categories. Great performance from Anna Diop she portrays a very likable and relatable main character. The design of the entity looked great for the 10 seconds of screen time it got!
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Van Nyx says...
2 months ago
The film had potential, and the premise was good, but instead of a properly structure linear story, there was just a whole lot of rising action, a decent climax and an incredibly abrupt, incomplete resolution.
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Featured User Reviews

Manuel São Bento
one year ago
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/nanny-spoiler-free-review-sundance-2022

"Nanny boasts an intriguing story about maternal instincts that will also touch the hearts of many immigrants. Anna Diop probably delivers her career-best performance, commanding the screen More
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Chris Sawin
6 months ago
_Nanny_ is a peculiar debut for Nikyatu Jusu. The performances in the film are decent, but Aisha’s experience in America feels like a terrible scavenger hunt with the world’s worst Cracker Jack prize as its reward. Other than forgetting your family forever and completely starting over from scrat More
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