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Not Okay

1h 40m
Comedy, Drama
An ambitious young woman, desperate for followers and fame, fakes a trip to Paris to up her social media presence. When a terrifying incident takes place in the real world and becomes part of her imaginary trip, her white lie becomes a moral quandary that offers her all the attention she’s wanted.
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Zoey Deutch
Danni Sanders
Mia Isaac
Rowan Aldren
Gwyneth Anne Trumbore
as High School Student
Peter Patrikios
as Ominous Man
Steven Bono Jr
as Tough Guy
Blaise Corrigan
as Security Driver
Simone Vysnovsky
as High school student
Logan Crawford
as News Anchor
Judy Zheng
as Classmate
Julissa Piatt
as High School Student
Quinn Shephard
Quinn Shephard
Shawn Chatfield
Shawn Chatfield
Rocco Botte
Rocco Botte
Caroline Calloway
Caroline Calloway
Directed By: Quinn Shephard
Written By: Quinn Shephard

Featured Comments/Tips

Acoucalancha says...
2 weeks ago
Mia Isaac (Rowan) absolutely nailed it she was the best thing in this movie! Her speeches were so moving and inspiring. Zoey and Dylan were great also. The story was good overall and I liked the conclusion. The comedy doesn't work at all though I think this would of been better off as a drama. Didn't really feel like I wanted to laugh anyway sinse this has some serious topics and the main character is unlikable.
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Lee Brown Barrow says...
2 weeks ago
Thankfully not as vapid as I expected. The movie is further evidence of the dangers of social media and the false approvals people gain from using it. #deleteyourinsta
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Astaraya says...
2 weeks ago
Comment containsspoilers
Mia isaac as Rowan is spectacular. Enjoyed the storyline but also i get mad second hand embarrassment so i had to skip over some parts. I couldn't handle it. costuming on Zoey Deutch was so good. Also Caroline Calloway being in this truly sent me. [spoiler]The fact that she was the moderator for the online shaming support group??? DEAD. LMFAO. [/spoiler]
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kanda92 says...
a week ago
This was not that bad, reminded me a bit of the early 2000s teen comedy/drama movies, which were great and they don't make anymore.
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Featured User Reviews

5 days ago
MORE SPOILER-FREE REVIEWS @ https://www.msbreviews.com/

"Not Okay is, to say the least, a shocking, controversial, thought-provoking movie that all viewers within the digital world should watch. An in-depth study of the absolute worst of social media, clickbait journalism, false victimization, an More
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7/10  7 days ago
Honestly really enjoyed this movie, it shows how easily you can get swept up in your lies. It's truthful and honest about 21st century struggles, correlates with mid-twenties fear of not knowing who you truly are. The only character I hated was Harper. Everyone makes mistakes, but there was no reaso More
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