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User Comments for: Pada

ritz657 says...
one year ago
Brilliant, Remarkable, Realistic

Pada is an gutsy, honest and remarkable episode of a sociological event in Kerala's political history. 4 activists claiming as Ayyankali Pada capture a District collector in order to protest against the Adivasi Land Act which denied them their rights for land. The screenplay is raw and realistic, present with such conviction that it becomes engaging from the get go. The background music by Vishnu Vijay adds the element of tension surrounding the event effortlessly. A sharply written, true to life depiction of a real event.

The performances are exceptional. Kunchako Boban, Vinayakan, Joju George and Dileesh Pothan all contribute to the engaging screenplay with earnest and hard-hitting acts. They are extremely convincing as captors.

Overall, If you are a sucker for true to life real events and tension filled hostage drama then Pada is one amazing film to relive. With great performances and sharply executed screenplay the film provides the adequate tension and leaves us with a much larger issue which still needs to be addressed.

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