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User Reviews for: Palmer

/10  2 years ago

Overwrought, melodramatic, predictable, corny, _Palmer_ has every single cliche of the small town drama. If you suspect you've seen this movie just by watching the trailer, let me confirm - you've seen it. In the first 20 minutes, you can easily figured out how everything is going to happen.

A 2021 spin on an incredibly tired genre told in the most saccharine way possible. Troubled-past, good-looking adult that has real good in him gets redeemed by his relationship with a kid formula. It's been done to death! The narrative offers nothing exciting or innovative. Except if you count a boy liking dolls as something original. You’ve seen it million times before - same basic plot, same characters, same arc, everything feels so familiar.

Characters are paper thin. Is Justin Timberlake leading man material? No, he is not. He takes himself so seriously, you can see this is his attempt of seeking awards validation in every baity way possible. Look at his face on this poster -that’s his only expression during the movie. I'm sorry to say this, but I couldn't stand Ryder Allen's performance - I couldn't stop seeing him this incredibly annoying theater kid.

Literally nothing about this film was subtle. The message of it is in your face constantly, many parts felt so preachy and convenient, I couldn't stop eye-rolling.

If you’re one for a mildly dramatic Disney/Lifetime movie with F-bombs and two awkwardly placed sex scenes, this is the film for you.
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