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Pearl Harbor Poster

Pearl Harbor

3h 3m
Action, War, History, Romance, Drama
The lifelong friendship between Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker is put to the ultimate test when the two ace fighter pilots become entangled in a love triangle with beautiful Naval nurse Evelyn Johnson. But the rivalry between the friends-turned-foes is immediately put on hold when they find themselves at the center of Japan's devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.
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Ben Affleck
Rafe McCawley
Kate Beckinsale
Evelyn Johnson
Josh Hartnett
Danny Walker
Cuba Gooding Jr
Doris Miller
Jon Voight
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Tom Sizemore
Earl Sistern
Alec Baldwin
James Doolittle
Ewen Bremner
Red Winkle
William Lee Scott
Billy Thompson
Greg Zola
Anthony Fusco
Jaime King
Betty Bayer
Sara Rue
Dan Aykroyd
Captain Thurman
Colm Feore
Admiral Kimmel
Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto
John Fujioka
CaryHiroyuki Tagawa
Cmdr. Minoru Genda
Jesse James
Young Rafe
Reiley McClendon
Young Danny
William Fichtner
Danny's Father
Steve Rankin
Rafe's Father
Brian Haley
Training Captain
Directed By: Michael Bay
Written By: Randall Wallace (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

artisover says...
9 years ago
There is bad, then there is insulting. This falls into the later category; I don't care if Bay wants to make his testosterone fueled action films for teenage boys. But when he starts to bastardize history and deliberately bend it to suit his own political agenda, I have to step in and call bullshit.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  700
Nikathy_ says...
4 years ago
I know many people dislike this movie but I saw it in my childhood more than a dozen times and still have to say that its one of my favourite of all times. For me it has the right amount of action, drama and romance and I love the historical aspect of it.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300
FinFan says...
6 years ago
Comment containsspoilers
This isn´t such a bad movie. Yes, it has a cheesy love story. But you have to put something in a movie like this otherwise you´ll end up with a pretty expensive, out of proportion documentary. And I´ll doubt people would watch that. It´s not totally accurate historically but a lot of things are based on facts as they were known then. Altogether it´s above average blockbuster cinema, not even Bays worst movie (that would be reserved for some of the Transformer movies). [spoiler] The one thing I think was too much was putting the Doolittle Raid in at the end. I understand the intention in doing so but this would be material for another movie alone. [/spoiler]
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
gahudnall-deleted-1490229630 says...
9 years ago
Terrible love story.
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
4 years ago
OK! Lets not beat around the bush, it's historically suspicious, badly written, badly cast and clearly an hour too long. A splendid "support cast" are wasted as Michael Bay and his production team think they can produce some sort of Titanic of the Skies like epic and fail in their objective. By the More
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