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Prisoners of the Ghostland

Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s)

Aaron Hendry
Crew Writing Screenplay

Michael Mendelsohn
Crew Production Producer

Michelle Sullivan
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor

Sion Sono
Crew Directing Director

Toshihiro Isomi
Crew Art Production Design

Yuji Sadai
Crew Production Executive Producer

George Loucas
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor

Nate Bolotin
Crew Production Producer

Sohei Tanikawa
Crew Camera Director of Photography

Aram Tertzakian
Crew Production Executive Producer

Joseph Trapanese
Crew Sound Original Music Composer

Laura Rister
Crew Production Producer

Nick Spicer
Crew Production Executive Producer

Reza Sixo Safai
Crew Production Producer, Screenplay

Natalie Perrotta
Crew Production Executive Producer

Chelsea Ellis Bloch
Crew Production Casting

Chieko Matsumoto
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Designer

Ko Mori
Crew Production Producer

Marcus Heleker
Crew Editing Assistant Editor

Matthew Dean Russell
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Producer

Taylor Levy
Crew Editing Editor

Lauren Craig
Crew Production Associate Producer

Brian David Cange
Crew Production Line Producer

Malgorzata Grzyb
Crew Editing Senior Colorist

Troy Ambroff
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Benjamin Mullin
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Coordinator

Joe Trapanese
Crew Sound Music

Kiyotaka Ohara
Crew Art Assistant Art Director

Nobumasa Ohba
Crew Art Set Dresser

Atsushi Sahara
Crew Art Set Dresser

Bill Moseley
Cast Actor Governor

Nick Cassavetes
Cast Actor Psycho

Nicolas Cage
Cast Actor Hero

Tak Sakaguchi
Cast Actor Yasujirō

Tetsu Watanabe
Cast Actor Nabe

Sofia Boutella
Cast Actress Bernice

Lorena Koto
Cast Actress Stella

Takato Yonemoto
Cast Sheriff Takato

Young Dais
Cast Actor Ratman

Louis Kurihara
Cast Actor Curi

Matthew Chozick
Cast Matthew

Cast Geisha Gal

Chiho Fujii
Cast Chimera Servant

Shin Shimizu
Cast Actor Deputy Shin

Yuzuka Nakaya
Cast Actress Susie

Charles Glover
Cast Enoch

Maya Carraz
Cast Young Bernice

Cast Actor GumballBoy

Constant Voisin
Cast Constant

Ilsa Levine
Cast Bernice's Mother

Cici Zhou
Cast Chimera

Canon Nawata
Cast Nancy

Christina Virzi
Cast Crystal
Person Type Job Role(s)
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