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Prozac Nation Poster

Prozac Nation

1h 35m
Drama, Romance
When talented young writer Elizabeth Wurtzel earns a scholarship to Harvard, she sees it as her chance to escape the pressures of her working-class background and concentrate on her true talent. But what starts out so promising leads to self-destructive behavior and paralyzing depression that reflects an entire generation's struggle to navigate the effects of divorce, drugs, sex, and high expectations.
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Christina Ricci
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Anne Heche
Dr. Sterling
Jessica Lange
Mrs. Wurtzel
Lou Reed
Lou Reed
Zoe Miller
Elizabeth at 12
Sheila Paterson
Rob Freeman
Mister Cool
Ian Tracey
Rolling Stone Editor
Wendy Noel
Mrs. Edelman
Tom Kent
Christine Anton
Mrs. Stevenson
Paula Plum
Geeky Mom
Paul Hoover
Geeky Dad
Tammy Bentz
Directed By: Erik Skjoldbjærg
Written By: Frank Deasy (Screenplay)

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1treehillbilly says...
11 years ago
There is more than one set of boobs in this film. Christina Ricci is meant to be at Harvard in 1985. Yet there is a Springsteen "Tunnel of Love" poster on her dorm wall. Also she is suppose to be 19 , this means her year of birth is 1966...yet she went to see the "the Last Waltz" when she was 8 in 1974...The Last Waltz was not until 1976. Whats up witht he researchers in this film. . I could have done a better job.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  500
Earmuffs says...
12 years ago
You get to see Christina Ricci's boobs. So even if you don't like the movie there is that...
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
dewdropvelvet says...
4 years ago
Not a particularly bright performance by Ricci. When I was 20 and watched this, I didn't have a problem with Wurtzel, since I saw the story from her pov. Years later, I 90 percent see into her friends shoes, only 10 percent hers, and I flinch every time she hurdles something across the room, or bursts into tears and has a tantrum, or flies across the globe and bombards Rafe, only to accuse him of some seriously morbid shit. I seriously don't remember finding her this offputting the first time around. Wurtzel, I really don't know how you found a fresh start with this kind of histrionic reputation/narrative following you around. Not to mention that you spent your book advance money on a birkin bag and cocaine. NEVERtheless, i remain charmed by elizabeth wurtzel.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Narate says...
2 years ago
>"I'm not crying because you're mean. I just can't imagine how incredibly painful it must be to be you." No diss towards the actors because they were great, but this movie was extremely boring to me. In fact, I tried to finish it a few times and didn't watch a movie for a whole month because I wanted to finish this first. I do agree that this nation does try to throw drugs at every problem.
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