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Psych 3 This Is Gus

Psych 3: This Is Gus (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s)

Dulé Hill
Crew Production Executive Producer

James Roday Rodriguez
Crew Writing Co-Writer, Executive Producer, Writer

Steve Franks
Crew Directing Director, Co-Writer, Executive Producer, Writer

Chris Henze
Crew Production Executive Producer

B. J. Harrison
Cast Actress Rental Manager

Corbin Bernsen
Cast Actor Henry Spencer

Curt Smith
Cast Actor Curt Smith

Dulé Hill
Cast Actor Burton Guster

James Roday Rodriguez
Cast Actor Shawn Spencer

Kirsten Nelson
Cast Actress Karen Vick

Kurt Fuller
Cast Actor Woody Strode

Maggie Lawson
Cast Actress Juliet O'Hara

Ray Wise
Cast Actor Father Peter Westley

Timothy Omundson
Cast Actor Carlton Lassiter

Allen Maldonado
Cast Actor Alan Decker

Sage Brocklebank
Cast Actor Buzz McNab

Bethany Brown
Cast Actress Whitney

Leanne Lapp
Cast Actress Waitress

Katie Findlay
Cast Actress Bryn

Jazmyn Simon
Cast Actress Selene

Sophia Reid-Gantzert
Cast Actress Lily Lassiter
Person Type Job Role(s)
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