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Raging Bull

2h 9m
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Raging Bull' Poster
The life of boxer Jake LaMotta, whose violence and temper that led him to the top in the ring destroyed his life outside of it.
Raging Bull Poster

Raging Bull

2h 9m
The life of boxer Jake LaMotta, whose violence and temper that led him to the top in the ring destroyed his life outside of it.
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Robert De Niro
Jake LaMotta
Cathy Moriarty
Vickie LaMotta
Joe Pesci
Joey LaMotta
Frank Vincent
Salvy Batts
Charles Scorsese
Charlie - Man with Como
Don Dunphy
Radio Announcer
Bill Hanrahan
Eddie Eagan
Rita Bennett
Emma - Miss 48's
Bernie Allen
Floyd Anderson
Jimmy Reeves (Reeves Fight)
Gene LeBell
Ring Announcer (Reeves Fight)
Harold Valan
Referee (Reeves Fight)
Victor Magnotta
Fighting Soldier (Reeves Fight)
Johnny Barnes
Sugar Ray Robinson (First Robinson ...
John Thomas
Trainer (First Robinson Fight)
Kenny Davis
Referee (First Robinson Fight)
Paul Carmello
Ring Announcer (First Robinson Figh...
Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Written By: Paul Schrader (Screenplay), Mardik Martin (Screenplay)

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aldy says...
10 years ago
Raging Bull was okay. The opening credits weren't aligned with the boxing ring ropes, grrr. A lot of the dialogue seemed pointless, I felt like it didn't develop the characters much nor move the plot forward. LaMotta sits around with people and talks a lot, but it doesn't fleshen out anybody, it just reaffirmed what you already knew. Unfortunately, none of the characters were particularly sympathetic either. LaMotta himself is completely loathsome and his entire personality can be summed up as "jealous and violent". I'm not saying you have to make characters likeable or anything, but if you're going to do a character study, shouldn't your character be a complex realistic human being? Shouldn't they be intriguing and multidimensional? Otherwise why else should I care what happens at all? Though DeNiro no doubt gives a great performance, ultimately I'm not interested in what happens to his character nor any of the relationships he has with others.
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Milo123 says...
9 years ago
Excellent classic. Robert DeNiro kills it and Martin Scorsese is the master.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  300
ismamzaman says...
2 years ago
Impecibly directed and thoroughly enthralling, yet tragic, character study, with an engaging screenplay and amazing performances.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Juliosoft says...
6 years ago
Great movie about boxing with great performances, when De Niro did good things. Joe Pesci looks like goodfellas or Casino
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100

Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
Sorry but I was really unimpressed with this tale of the life of legendary boxer Jake La Motta. It's based on his own book, so it can relied upon to be authentic, but somehow this Martin Scorsese effort just fell flat for me. The usual mix of Robert De Niro (La Motta) with probably the least versati More
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6 years ago
This film marked the third reunion between Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro after “Mean Streets” and “Taxi Driver”. This time Scorsese invited Paul Schrader (‘Taxi Driver’) and Mardik Martin (‘Mean Streets’ ) to write the film script that is loosely based on La Motta’s novel. Rag More
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