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Rules of Engagement

2h 8m
War, Action, Adventure, Drama, History
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Rules of Engagement' Poster
A Marine Colonel is brought to court-martial after ordering his men to fire on demonstrators surrounding the American embassy in Yemen.
Rules of Engagement Poster

Rules of Engagement

2h 8m
War, Action, Adventure, Drama, History
A Marine Colonel is brought to court-martial after ordering his men to fire on demonstrators surrounding the American embassy in Yemen.
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Tommy Lee Jones
Col. Hayes Lawrence "Hodge" Hodges ...
Samuel L Jackson
Col. Terry L. Childers
Guy Pearce
Maj. Mark Biggs
Ben Kingsley
Ambassador Mourain
Bruce Greenwood
National Security Advisor Bill Soka...
Anne Archer
Mrs. Mourain
Philip Baker Hall
Gen. H. Lawrence Hodges
Dale Dye
Gen. Perry
Dr. Ahmar
Mark Feuerstein
Tom Chandler
Nicky Katt
Hayes Hodges III
Ryan Hurst
Corporal Hustings
Baoan Coleman
Col. Binh Le Cao
Written By: Stephen Gaghan (Screenplay), Jim Webb (Story)

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BourneRambler says...
2 months ago
_Rules of Engagement_ is a military drama that tackles complex themes with intelligence and nuance. The film features outstanding performances from its lead actors, Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, who deliver powerful and emotional performances that are impossible to forget. The movie's exploration of the gray areas of war and the moral dilemmas that soldiers face is thought-provoking and insightful, and it leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.
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jarvis-8243417 says...
3 years ago
Intense and provocative, Rules of Engagement is a captivating political thriller. Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Guy Pearce, and Bruce Greenwood, the film features an all-star cast. When U.S. Army Col. Terry Childers is court-martialed and setup to take the fall for a protest rally that turned into a massacre at an American embassy he calls on an old friend to take his case and prove his innocence. Unfortunately the script is a little weak, particularly the trial scenes; as nothing especially dramatic happens to sway the case or create momentum. Additionally, the truth of the “massacre” is revealed fairly early on, undercutting the tension. Yet there’s still a good amount of suspense and intrigue to the investigation and the trial. Rules of Engagement has its flaws, but overall it’s an entertaining and compelling film.
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drqshadow says...
3 years ago
A military action / courtroom drama combo platter that promises to pay special attention to the thin gray line separating morality and duty for occupying troops. It knows how to best use its stars - Tommy Lee Jones gets plenty of time to chew screen as a grizzled retiring Marine attorney, while Sam Jackson is given free reign to scream and shout both on and off the battlefield - but is somewhat less sure how to arrive at the conclusion it wants to leave us with. A forced attempt to cram an evil mastermind into the fray disagrees with the otherwise-universal theme that there is no black and white picture in a situation as difficult and politically charged as this one, and that's not the only scene that should have been shown the cutting room floor. Despite a few heated exchanges between Jones and the prosecuting attorney (a fiery turn by Guy Pearce), it's a great load of topical potential that never amounts to more than a weak fizzle and a sudden, puzzling jury decision.
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