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User Reviews for: Searching for Sugar Man

/10  5 months ago
This is probably the most enjoyable documentary film I've ever seen. It's about a singer from the 70s whom I've never heard of (although I'm old enough) even though he's clearly a better poet and songwriter than Bob Dylan (yes, I said that and I'm a poet so there's my credentials). If you know anything about the record industry, and about the reality of discrimination in the United States, then it's easy to understand how a Mexican singer/song writer of the 70s was ignored by the payola controlled DJs of the time and screwed by the record industry. The low-budget film itself is full of surprises, and the culmination of the search for Sugar Man is totally uplifting and heartwarming. If you love the music genre, this film is a must see - even if it's only for the delicious sound track.
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