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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs ToQger the Movie Ninjas in Wonderland Poster

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger the Movie: Ninjas in Wonderland

1h 4m
Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
The Ninningers come across a new enemy, Dark Doctor Mavro, a remnant of the Shadow Line, who created his own, evil version of Aka Ninger serving under him by stealing the real Aka Ninger's Nintality, and because of it, Takaharu's life is now in danger. All hope seems lost until the Ninningers meet the ToQgers, who fought and defeated the Shadow Line in the past, and it's up to them to join forces in order to overcome this new crisis.
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Shunsuke Nishikawa
Takaharu Igasaki
Gaku Matsumoto
Yakumo "Cloud" Katou
Kaito Nakamura
Nagi Matsuo
Yuuka Yano
Fuuka Igasaki
Kasumi Yamaya
Kasumi Momochi
Shin Nagahama
Akira Nijino
Toshihiro Yashiba
Tsumuji Igasaki
Takashi Sasano
Yoshitaka Igasaki
Ryota Yamasato
Dark Doctor Mavro
Haruhiko Jo
General Schwarz (voice)
Jun Fukuyama
Baron Nero (voice)
Aya Hisakawa
Madame Noir (voice)
Tawada Hideya
Kinji Takigawa
Kappei Yamaguchi
Ticket (voice), ToQger Equipment Vo...
Jurota Kosugi
Yokai Wanyūdō (voice)
Megumi Han
Kyuemon Izayoi (Voice)
Masaki Nakao
Zyuoh Eagle (voice)
Miki Yanagi
Zyuoh Shark (voice)
Shohei Nanba
Zyuoh Lion (voice)
Tsurugi Watanabe
Zyuoh Elephant (voice)
Directed By: Shojiro Nakazawa
Written By: Kento Shimoyama

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