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Spenser Confidential

1h 50m
Comedy, Action, Thriller
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Spenser Confidential' Poster
Spenser, a former Boston patrolman who just got out from prison, teams up with Hawk, an aspiring fighter, to unravel the truth behind the death of two police officers.
Spenser Confidential Poster

Spenser Confidential

1h 50m
Comedy, Action, Thriller
Spenser, a former Boston patrolman who just got out from prison, teams up with Hawk, an aspiring fighter, to unravel the truth behind the death of two police officers.
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Iliza Shlesinger
Cissy Davis
Michael Gaston
Captain Boylan
Marc Maron
Wayne Cosgrove
James DuMont
Post Malone
Kip Weeks
Brandon Scales
Terrence Graham
Ayana Brown
Federal Agent Burton
Dustin Tucker
Federal Agent Fingle
Josh Cronin
Minimart Clerk
Alfred Briere
Scott Traylor
Rebecca Gibel
Laurie Boylan
Alexandra Vino
Gloria Weisnewski
Patty Ross
Mrs. Weisnewski
Chad Nehemiah ReedLopes
Terrence and Letitia's Son
Chaz Jeremiah ReedLopes
Terrence and Letitia's Son
Johnny Alves
Boxing Trainer
Written By: Brian Helgeland (Screenplay), Sean O'Keefe (Screenplay), + 1 more

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chloe_jans says...
3 years ago
A basic action movie. Nothing special about it ,but still enjoyable to watch while you're doing something else. Highlights: my dad (who likes to listen to post malone) being very suprised post malone was in this movie and that he looked like that + the cat part
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Katurian says...
3 years ago
I'm not sure why I watched this, it was quite boring but was also pretty much what I expected from watching the trailer on Netflix. I guess I just like to be open to those shows that we often overlook but are hidden gems. Spenser Confidential offers absolutely nothing new. There are no moments in the film where the acting, script, film making ever surprises you with something special. I assume this film was entirely made in an effort to make money from people who like action films and Mark Wahlberg. This was not someone's passion project that they had to push to get made. This is a film that is in my view, less than the sum total of it's parts. There is not much that is specifically wrong with the movie as everything is, for the type of film that it is, just enough but the apparent motivation of the film makers and production company, mean that there is nothing more to it. Many films are made for money on some level but being the type of collaborative process that it is, people still find space to be creative.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  400
jezzfreeman says...
3 years ago
I mean, there’s not a great deal to say here. It’s was fun and amusing. Plenty of punches, lots of betrayal and a tiny tiny bit of aggressive driving. What’s not to love. Don’t go in expecting too much depth to the storyline; just enjoy it for what it is.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Hoopes4908 says...
3 years ago
Not bad. Pretty good movie.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100

Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
I'm so tired of Marky Mark, Jason Statham, Gerald Butler and all those old mfs doing the same "ex-cop/cop that takes on the corrupt on his own" movies. Don't watch this garbage.
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