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1h 41m
Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Horror
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Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after encountering a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.
Synchronic Poster


1h 41m
Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Horror
Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after encountering a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.
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Anthony Mackie
Steve Denube
Jamie Dornan
Dennis Dannelly
Katie Aselton
Tara Dannelly
Alexia Ioannides
Brianna Dannelly
Ramiz Monsef
Dr. Kermani
Bill Oberst Jr
The Looter
Kate Adair
Crack Girlfriend
Matthew Underwood
Officer Beaumont
Carl Palmer
Officer Jacobs
Sophie Howell
Stoner Clerk
JeanPierre Vertus
Skeleton Man
Walker Babington
Hawn Tran
Aaron Groben
Klansman #1 (voice)
Directed By: Justin Benson
Written By: Justin Benson

Featured Comments/Tips

MCubed1220 says...
2 years ago
I was very excited to see this movie because I'm a big fan of The Endless and Resolution. But I have to say that this film was a let down.
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TvWatcha3 says...
one year ago
Comment contains spoilers
3 Thoughts After Watching ‘Synchronic’: 1. That must have been the bleakest film I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Absolutely depressing, with verrry little levity. _And_ they had to throw in a heart-wrenching dog moment for good measure. 2. Albeit incredibly heavy, it was a solid, interesting, original story. I would never watch it again lol, but I was definitely intrigued once things really started going. 3. The science of it all definitely requires you to suspend your belief, and that’s fine. I was just a little confused by the timey-wimey logistics, and why Steve seemingly couldn’t make it back in the end. He said that the present could serve as an anchor. Couldn’t Dennis have been that anchor as he held his hand? I’m just a tad lost on the ending.
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menellys says...
4 years ago
I went to see this at the London Film Festival and was so excited to see a genre of film that I'm not normally a fan of. I went in sceptical but open minded due to Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead already having a large fanbase because of their other works. I was not disappointed and came out thoroughly satisfied with the plot, character development and the relationship between the 2 leads. The plot was very different and was unlike anything I've watched before. 5 minutes into the film and I already could not wait to see where the story headed. It gave nothing away as to how it would end and you were left guessing up until the last few minutes of the film. Admittedly, I went purely to see Jamie Dornan (guilty) but enjoyed Anthony Mackie's performance. He is the main lead, with Jamie being the secondary. The relationship between both their characters ranged from good humoured banter, to frustration and compassion with many other things thrown in between. Very excited to watch this again and to hopefully see other things I didn't notice first time around
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Xiofire says...
2 years ago
Some of the script work in this is truly awful, and Mackie and Dornan sound like people who've never spoken to each other until filming began. So stilted, awkward and unnatural, it really pulls you out of scenes that are supposed to be emotive, especially when coupled with the lesser acting ability of the main stars of the cast. That being said, Synchronics sci-fi hook and visual effects are enough for me to overlook the stretched drama sections, as the concept and execution are fun and gripping to watch playout. Decent, and probably right in line with what I expect from Benson and Moorhead; high concept sci-fi with rough production values that somehow punches above it's budget even with all it's drawbacks.
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
With every film they make, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson refine their genre-bending, unapologetically cerebral style, and 'Synchronic' is no exception. While it does feel like a smaller step forward in terms of ambition, it isn't a waste of time. Even if they only pull at an interesting thread an More
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Mark B
2 years ago
Synchronic is the most conventional, "mainstream" movie Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson have made to-date and unfortunately that's a bit of a step back.

They're previous outings, especially their slow burn low-budget Resolution and the fantastic The Endless, are mind bender More
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CONTAINS SPOILERS5/10  2 years ago
I was definitely excited for a sci-fi thriller, but this movie was so underwhelming. The visual effects also looked really bad. I thought there would be more manipulation of time, sort of in the same vein as Gravity/Interstellar(?) but I felt let down by that. This was advertised kind of as a timey- More
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