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User Reviews for: Teen Wolf: The Movie

4/10  2 months ago
As someone who watched the entire 6 Seasons of this Show back when it first aired in 2011, and only liking the first two Seasons as after the third one it went completely downhill.

From 2016 till 2023. They had a good chance with the original cast pretty much only Stiles missing from the pack. They could have done something memorable with this movie, instead this was just utterly crappy at best. You can tell most of these cast excluding Tyler Hoechlin who’s currently doing Superman & Lois on CW and which I personally find pretty good so far after two Seasons, still. These people have lost much of their acting skills even comparing them from when they were actively doing the Teen Wolf Series.

Anyways, back to the review of this movie. Don’t waste your time, well… if you must because you saw the original TV Series back when it was airing then I understand. But, honestly I wouldn’t even recommend it to anyone. This whole movie is a complete disappointment and even to what a true “Wolf or Werewolf” type of movie should be about. The acting, the dialogue, choreography, CGI, everything was just pure crap and unwatchable at times. Which I can understand because it seems the budget for this Movie was pretty low, sound effects were crappy too… geez :rolling_eyes: can’t find anything positive to say about this.

I’m out of here, let me clean my eyes and mind by looking for something else worth watching.

4/10 (Poor) :thumbsdown:
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CONTAINS SPOILERS6/10  2 months ago
Okay. I love the series of Teen Wolf and watched that like over 7 times. Couldn't wait to watch the movie. But I don't really feel satisfied by how they filmed it. The nogitsune and oni as enemy, nice choice. But it feels rushed. The story feels rushed, and they got way to many characters to make a movie out of it.

The characters Liam, Mason, Jackson, and maybe some others I'm forgetting, don't have much screentime and they are useless in the story really. Also weird to put a son of Derek as a new character into a movie. Who's the mother? How did that story go? Weird storyline with that.

What's the point of putting Hikari in the movie if we don't get to know her? Also could have done the movie without her. Another useless character.

The storyline in the movie could have been a badass cool storyline. But they have rushed it, probably tried to compensate Stiles not being in the movie by Eli who's acting a lot like Stiles (i.e. sarcasm) and putting fan's wishes into the movie.

I do love that Allison is alive. Killing her off in the show was a depressing moment. I cry my eyeballs out everytime i rewatch that part.

Anyway, I don't know. I think Dylan O'Brien was right. If I remember correctly he said it was left in a good place for him. I feel the same. Sometimes a movie turns out amazing, but this isn't one of them. Still love the tv series though. It will always have a special place in my heart.
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/10  2 months ago
Oh boy, this is awful. I'm sorry but that was my first and lasting impression, of Teen Wolf.

This film feels like its trying to emulate 80's style horror flicks but it doesn't understand the basic mechanics, that made those classic films work. In short order, rounded characters, charm and chemistry, not to mention adhering to a simple, tried and true, horror formula.

Story wise, Teen wolf hops around like a barefoot beach goer on hot sand. Its all over the place. Its not helped either by cardboard cut out characters, with little to no presence or mutual chemistry.

In summary, a fall flat production that, in this viewers opinion, meekly mimics vastly superior offerings from the 80's.
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CONTAINS SPOILERS6/10  2 months ago
I really wanted this movie to be great, but in the end I came out of it disappointed. Whilst there were parts of it that were great in my opinion, there were also lines in there that felt so forced, the CGI was still just as bad as it was back in the series, and it felt as though Jeff Davis had tried to cover up for Stiles & Kira's absence by rehashing their characters and making Eli & Hikari have their exact personalities. Jackson also seemed to be some weird comic relief character that also felt so forced and weird considering we're not used to that from him and he ended up just being plain useless throughout most the film. Liam & Mason barely spoke to one another when they're allegedly best friends. Some of the scenes just felt so rushed and/or too prolonged, some of it just felt unnecessary. And yes, it just felt incredibly weird to have them all there without Stiles. Not to mention they ruined 6 whole seasons of build up for Stiles & Lydia's relationship over a dream. Yes, a freaking dream. That was the stupidest thing ever. It was lovely seeing Derek be such a caring and loving father which is why I hate that they killed him off at the end of it, especially in the last 10 minutes? It could've easily been avoidable. I loved hearing that Derek had fixed Stiles' jeep up himself, despite saying he 'despises' the thing. It really gave you a different view of his & Stiles' friendship. Malia & Parrish just felt so forced and weird (even Shelley Hennig herself said they both felt weird about it after reading the script). It feels as though Jeff has made her character just jump from relationship to relationship for no real reason, give the girl a break. All in all, this definitely was just a whole 'Allison making a comeback movie'. Jeff Davis rehashing his greats. It was nice to see Scott & Allison back together, I can't lie... and like I said, there was parts of the movie that I really did enjoy! It felt like the series again, my childhood! But, a lot of it just felt so forced and weird and didn't make much sense and as if the characters didn't even vibe together anymore. Tyler Posey saying "the fans are getting what they want" was absolutely not true at all. It's a big shame. All in all, it was a decent movie - but definitely needed improvement in a lot of areas.
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