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User Reviews for: Teen Wolf: The Movie

4/10  2 months ago
As someone who watched the entire 6 Seasons of this Show back when it first aired in 2011, and only liking the first two Seasons as after the third one it went completely downhill.

From 2016 till 2023. They had a good chance with the original cast pretty much only Stiles missing from the pack. They could have done something memorable with this movie, instead this was just utterly crappy at best. You can tell most of these cast excluding Tyler Hoechlin who’s currently doing Superman & Lois on CW and which I personally find pretty good so far after two Seasons, still. These people have lost much of their acting skills even comparing them from when they were actively doing the Teen Wolf Series.

Anyways, back to the review of this movie. Don’t waste your time, well… if you must because you saw the original TV Series back when it was airing then I understand. But, honestly I wouldn’t even recommend it to anyone. This whole movie is a complete disappointment and even to what a true “Wolf or Werewolf” type of movie should be about. The acting, the dialogue, choreography, CGI, everything was just pure crap and unwatchable at times. Which I can understand because it seems the budget for this Movie was pretty low, sound effects were crappy too… geez :rolling_eyes: can’t find anything positive to say about this.

I’m out of here, let me clean my eyes and mind by looking for something else worth watching.

4/10 (Poor) :thumbsdown:
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