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The Ape Man

1h 4m
Horror, Science Fiction
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The Ape Man' Poster
A scientist is turned into an ape man.
The Ape Man Poster

The Ape Man

1h 4m
Horror, Science Fiction
A scientist is turned into an ape man.
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Bela Lugosi
Dr. James Brewster
Louise Currie
Billie Mason
Wallace Ford
Jeff Carter
Henry Hall
Dr. George Randall
Minerva Urecal
Agatha Brewster
J Farrell MacDonald
Captain O'Brien
Jack Mulhall
Directed By: William Beaudine
Written By: Barney A. Sarecky (Screenplay), Karl Brown (Story)

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Torgo says...
2 years ago
Bela & an Ape, what more could you want? This one was shot cheap and it shows. Bela gives a superb performance as always, and most of the other actors seem like they're having fun. It's a pretty typical "mad scientist turns himself into an animal/human hybrid and needs to turn himself back" kind of movie. It's not gonna blow your mind, but it's kinda campy, kinda goofy, and at an hour long you won't feel like you wasted your time.
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HillCity says...
6 years ago
Dr. Brewster's sister shows up when she learns of her brother's disappearance and subsequently learns that his disappearance was a fake and that he has transformed himself into a man - ape by his experiments. At the same time Billie Mason gets herself a job at the newspaper and is teamed up with another reporter by the name of Jeff Carter. Soon Doc Brewster needs human spinal fluid to transform himself back into his human form, but no one will help him because the extraction of the fluid will kill whomever it is being drawn from. But the doc eventually takes matters into his own hands which lets Mason and Carter uncover what is really happening at the doctor's residence. This was a pretty cool little horror flick that Bela made many years ago. Atmospheric, a little suspenseful and a wee bit funny this film, though not one of Bela's best, was pretty good and is very enjoyable. The acting was as solid as you would expect in a film of this caliber, but by no means did this film stink. In fact it was actually quite pleasant.
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
6 years ago
Bela Goes Ape!

William Beaudine directs and Bela Lugosi stars in this cheapie horror that finds Lugosi as a mad scientist who has transformed himself into an ape man hybrid. Cue more mad science as Lugosi and his pet gorilla go on a killing spree in search of the spinal fluid that may cure Lugosi More
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