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The Bay Poster

The Bay

1h 24m
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Two million fish washed ashore. One thousand blackbirds dropped from the sky. On July 4, 2009 a deadly menace swept through the quaint seaside town of Claridge, Maryland, but the harrowing story of what happened that Independence Day has never been told—until now. The authorities believed they had buried the truth about the tragedy that claimed over 700 human lives. Now, three years later, a reporter has emerged with footage revealing the cover-up and an unimaginable killer: a mysterious parasitic outbreak. Told from the perspective of those who were there and saw what happened, The Bay unfolds over 24 hours through people's iPhones, Androids, 911 calls, webcams, and whatever else could be used to document the nightmare in Claridge. What follows is a nerve-shredding tale of a small town plunged into absolute terror.
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Michael Beasley
Officer Jimson
Kenny Alfonso
Doctor Michaels
Kether Donohue
Donna Thompson
Frank Deal
Mayor Stockman
Kimberly Campbell
Nurse Rebecca
Lamya Jezek
Ms. Rosenblatt
Lucia Scarano
Marla Spadafora
Nansi Aluka
Stephen Kunken
Dr. Abrams
Dave Hager
Fisher Jerry
Tara Polhemus
Teenage Girl
Stacy Rabon
Middle Age Woman
Brandon Hanson
Cameraman Jim
Heidi Lawson
Nurse Jessica
Jody Thompson
Officer Paul
Andy Stahl
Sheriff Lee Roberts
Zoe Clarke
Little Girl at Party
Wyatt Hays
Little Boy at Party
Written By: Michael Wallach (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

zilfos says...
9 years ago
No vale la pena verla
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Never says...
10 years ago
Scary? No. Boring? Yes, yes and yes
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csrz says...
2 years ago
On the positive side, it's really horrifying and triggering. I don't know think I will go near any sea after this. However this film was underwhelming and out of the place. If someone like Donna Thompson exposing this outbreak, I wouldn't believe her at all because her acting is so fake and annoying!!
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jarvis-9477279 says...
8 months ago
5/10 This Movie could have been bloody awesome If they would have shown you what they was talking about and alluding to. I'm all for "Show and Tell" This was the main problem I've just had as of yesterday with the newly released Hellraiser 2022 which was an absolute disappointment by the way. The only reason The Bay even qualified to make it into My Multiverse Archives In the first place was solely because Jason Blum produced it and I am a sucker for all things BlumHouse. If not for Jason this movie would not be looked at twice, their is much much better of these types with a solid plot, great characters and those movies also treat you with every visual aspect under the sun. Right now it's time to get serious with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 (which is frickin awesome an easy 10/10), as I'm hoping "Halloween Ends" Is as well, released this October 14th 2022.
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
5 years ago
Cymothoa exigua.

As someone who has always struggled to get much from “found footage” movies, I entered Barry Levinson’s The Bay with some trepidation. Levinson’s standing as a director prompted me to take a look. And I’m glad I did.

Chesapeake Bay was home to a toxic led catastrophe More
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2/10  one year ago
Don't people ever get tired of being spoon fed the same dreck over and over again!?! "The Bay" is yet another attempt to preach environmentalism. Its got all you'd expect from a propaganda film. Crooked politicians, inept public servants, uncaring, greedy corporations...my god, does it get anymore More
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