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The Wasteland Poster

The Wasteland

1h 31m
Drama, Horror, Thriller
Lucía and her son live isolated from society in a flat place where there’s practically no life. The small family unit formed by mother and son hardly ever receives visitors, and their goal is to lead a quiet existence. At first they succeed, but the appearance of a mysterious, violent creature that starts stalking their small house will put the relationship that unites them to the test.
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Directed By: David Casademunt

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csrz says...
2 weeks ago
"My first proper horror film this year that isn't a Lifetime thriller. This is actually a very impressive debut. A nice little slow burn that is bleak, grim, and spare Iike its setting. The vast emptiness adds to the dreadful atmosphere and inherent uncertainty and fear of dark corners leave you on the edge of your seat. The sound design really hightens the tension and dread the film implies. The film's take on loss and isolation and its effect on the psyche is well executed."
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miguelreina says...
2 weeks ago
"[Netflix] David Casademunt has a good ability to create an unsettling atmosphere and some suggestion of background actions that generate tension. He showed it in the 4 minutes of "The beast" (2018), a kind of rehearsal of this feature film. But the effect achieved in separate sequences does not manage to build an adequate development. It works more at times than as a whole, and misses the opportunity to go beyond the simple visual exercise of isolated horror."
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Lone_Gunman says...
a week ago
"Not much to say, this movie has good acting and a surreal setting, but never goes anywhere interesting. Not sure what they were shooting for, but it's just plain uneventful. Don't waste your time."
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russof says...
2 weeks ago
"Well, it's a horror movie, because it's a horror movie, it goes from bad to worse. [Netflix]"
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