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The Dirt

1h 48m
Drama, Music, History
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The story of Mötley Crüe and their rise from the Sunset Strip club scene of the early 1980s to superstardom.
The Dirt Poster

The Dirt

1h 48m
Drama, Music, History
The story of Mötley Crüe and their rise from the Sunset Strip club scene of the early 1980s to superstardom.
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Douglas Booth
Nikki Sixx
Machine Gun Kelly
Tommy Lee
Iwan Rheon
Mick Mars
Daniel Webber
Vince Neil
Tony Cavalero
Ozzy Osbourne
Rebekah Graf
Heather Locklear
Pete Davidson
Tom Zutaut
Christian Gehring
David Lee Roth
Elena Evangelo
Voula Bass
Joe Chrest
David Bass
Courtney Dietz
Athena Lee
Leven Rambin
Kamryn Ragsdale
Skylar Neil
Vince Mattis
Young Nikki
David Costabile
Doc McGhee
Michael Hodson
Randy Ferrana
Martin Covert
Allen Kovac
Mike R Moreau
Mr. Ruddell
Max Milner
Alexanne Wagner
Tom Zutaut's Girlfriend
Brittany Furlan
Biker Chick
Matthew Underwood
Gino (as Matthew Clinton Underwood)
Directed By: Jeff Tremaine

Featured Comments/Tips

MrsAngelD says...
3 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"I really thought this movie did a great job at telling the story that is Motley Crue. [spoiler] I remember when the car wreck happened, I remember when Nikki died and I remember how controversial they were.[/spoiler] The 80's were a crazy time and this movie did a great job at representing those excesses. I would highly recommend it."
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todestrieb-deleted-1588210664 says...
3 years ago
"Let me preface this by saying I'm a Crüe fan, since I think this movie is something completely different for newcomers. I read the book only 6 years ago, though. It's hard to condense such a big meaty book into 107 minutes, so obviously I wanted to see much more (Tommy in jail, Mr. Udo, you name it). The good thing is that the movie didn't drag at all, it felt like 15 minutes. The kids' performances were great, with Machine Gun Kelly shining as Tommy and Iwan Rheon portraying Mick's grumpiness and wisdom to a T. I was let down with Douglas Booth's acting, though. He showcased only a lil bit of Nikki's charisma and stage prescence, and since Nikki is the "central character" in the band, the whole film suffered. Also, whoever played Ozzy was incredible, felt like the real him and not just an actor. The use of music was amazing, each scene relating perfectly to a song. I even liked the modern cover version of "Live Wire". Overall, it could have been a better film but it's not a dissappointment either."
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ScottElblein says...
3 years ago
"jeesh that was bad. felt like I was watching Spinal Tap 2. bad wigs, bad acting, bad story telling, poorly stitching it all together, you name it. and this is coming from a huge fan who grew up on the crue back in the day. I really hope the kids who didn't get to experience it all back then like I did don't watch this pile of crap and think this is really what it was like back then. the band was a million percent better and less cheesy than this "movie" makes them appear."
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MySunflower says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"33:47 Concert shot. Why at a Shout At The Devil show, are there people in the audience with a Girls x3 era tees on, another person with a Theater Of Pain Tee as well as someone wearing a Dr. Feelgood Alister Fiend tee? I liked it. I wasnt WOW about it. [spoiler] Even if they hated the Theater Of Pain era. something more than just one scene should have been done [/spoiler] I liked how they used a few clips from Uncensored. At the end of the film. Im still a fan of theirs, have been since Theater Of Pain came out. But Im more into the stuff from the Pre Gen Swine days."
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS 7/10   3 years ago
I've listened to Motley Crue for years. I know all their songs and all the main parts of their history. I've watched their gigs in full, I've read Nikki Sixx' Heroin Diaries, listened to Vince Neil's solo stuff, as well as everything by Sixx AM.
This movie has been in the works More
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9/10   2 years ago
I was born in 1996 and I grew up in the 2000's when music is all about the looks and there's zero talent involved. All songs turned into porn videos and women apparently shake their bottoms to dance. It's frustrating but it's a reality and, according to society, I'm the freak for More
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   1 0 0
3 years ago
***One of the most entertaining music biopics ever made (but also nastiest)***

RELEASED IN 2019, "The Dirt" is a biography of Mötley Crüe from their inception in the early 80s to the mid-90s. Along with GnR, the band was the cream of the crop of 80’s hair metal. They were notorious for thei More
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