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The Exorcist III Poster

The Exorcist III

1h 50m
Horror, Mystery
Fifteen years after the original film, the philosophical Lieutenant William F. Kinderman is investigating a baffling series of murders on Georgetown that all contain the hallmarks of The Gemini, a deceased serial killer. His investigation eventually leads him to a catatonic patient in a psychiatric hospital who has recently started to speak, claiming he is The Gemini and detailing the murders, but bears a striking resemblance to Father Damien Karras.
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George C Scott
Lt. William 'Bill' Kinderman
Ed Flanders
Father Joseph Kevin Dyer
Brad Dourif
James Venamun / The Gemini Killer
Jason Miller
Father Damien Karras / Patient X
Nicol Williamson
Father Morning
Scott Wilson
Dr. Temple
Nancy Fish
Nurse Allerton
Lee Richardson
University President
Grand L Bush
Sergeant Atkins
Mary Jackson
Mrs. Clelia
Ken Lerner
Dr. Freedman
Tracy Thorne
Nurse Keating
Zohra Lampert
Mary Kinderman
Harry Carey Jr
Father Kanavan
Sherrie Wills
Julie Kinderman
Edward Lynch
Patient A
Alex Zuckerman
Korner Boy
Lois Foraker
Nurse Merrin
Tyra Ferrell
Nurse Blaine
James Burgess
Thomas Kintry
Directed By: William Peter Blatty
Written By: William Peter Blatty (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

mansemat says...
3 years ago
As a movie that comfortably rests within my top 10 movies (or 20 or 5, idk... it's so hard to make definate lists) I can safely say that The Exorcist III is a must-watch. Not only for George C Scott and Brad Dourif's performances, not only for building on the first (and second) Exorcist movie without falling into cliché pitfalls, not only for the tense feeling you have while watching it, the Tubular Bells intro, the quoted scenes... In short: the whole movie. I've seen this movie more times than I can safely remember (I think it's 5 now) and it still doesn't bore me despite clearly being slow-paced in contrast to more modern cinema. Still trying to find the definitive Director's Cut called "Legion" on a device I can play it on though.
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Kaelticus says...
5 years ago
It was better then the second one and there were some nice moments, but I expect something else from Exorcist - 5/10
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Zillah says...
4 months ago
Rivals the first in quality. Excellent horror.
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Whitsbrain says...
one year ago
The way that this film ties into the original "Exorcist" just never quite worked for me. George C. Scott's tormented cop certainly goes through his own private Hell, as the long-thought dead Gemini-killer played by Brad Dourif, returns to kill again. This is certainly a slow movie but that doesn't mean it's not entertaining. There are a fair number of shocks along with a wealth of some pretty heavy dialogue. The scenes of Scott's Hinderman and Dourif's killer in his asylum cell are bleak and depressing but not really scary. These scenes are also very long and could have been trimmed down and still not lost their effectiveness. There is one shocking scene when a nurse is attacked that really catches you by surprise and it leaves you wishing there was more of this kind of jump scare in the movie. I'm not a big fan of the jump scare, but this movie could have used more of them. Overall,this seems like more of a heavy crime drama. It gets supernatural at the end, but even that doesn't have the impact that it should given it's "Exorcist" bloodline.
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Featured User Reviews

6/10  2 years ago
The Exorcist III isn't nearly as brilliant as the first movie, but compare it to the sequel, it's a masterpiece. This is what I call sluggish film that you'll need a lot of patience to get to the good stuff. Well, the whole movie is kind of like that. Every time I think something is goin More
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4 years ago
Very good sequel retains the high standard Blatty's original screenplay set!

In going through the original 'Exorcist' trilogy (I have the DVD 6-pack, with the two versions of the remarkable original, as well as the two recent prequels, so far unwatched), I was intrigued of seeing Oscar-winning wr More
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4 months ago
What's good in this film we can attribute to William Peter Blatty's script and direction and to the casting, especially Brad Dourif and George C. Scott; what's bad, to Executive Meddling – in particular the last minute exorcism performed by a last minute priest; it says a lot that Burton's Father More
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2 weeks ago
This was the best sequel to The Exorcist they made, and that isn't really saying much. The second one was horrible and the ones that followed were horrible. In fact, I think they were so bad it was instantly remade.

But, this one was decent, it felt the most like an actual sequel to the Exorcist, More
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