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The Hudsucker Proxy

1h 51m
Comedy, Drama
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The Hudsucker Proxy' Poster
A naive business graduate is installed as president of a manufacturing company as part of a stock scam.
The Hudsucker Proxy Poster

The Hudsucker Proxy

1h 51m
Comedy, Drama
A naive business graduate is installed as president of a manufacturing company as part of a stock scam.
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Tim Robbins
Norville Barnes
Charles Durning
Waring Hudsucker
Paul Newman
Sidney J. Mussburger
Harry Bugin
Roy Brocksmith
Board Member
IM Hobson
Board Member
John Scanlan
Board Member
Jerome Dempsey
Board Member
John Wylie
Board Member
Gary Allen
Board Member
Richard Woods
Board Member
Peter McPherson
Board Member
David Byrd
Dr. Hugo Bronfenbrenner
Christopher Darga
Mail Room Orienter
Patrick Cranshaw
Ancient Sorter
Robert Weil
Mail Room Boss
Mary Lou Rosato
Mussburger's Secretary
Ernie Sarracino
Luigi the Tailor
Written By: Sam Raimi

Featured Comments/Tips

AlexanderZ says...
7 years ago
As will all Coen brothers films, this one calls me to see it again, as I always seem to discover new elements when watching their works for the second, third, fourth times, and beyond. A very worthwhile film – enjoy!
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CatyAlexandre says...
10 years ago
A smart and sometimes bizarre film who tells the story of Norville Barnes, a college graduate from a small town who is looking for a job in the big city. When he gets a job in one of the biggest companies in town Hudsucker Industries the president had just commited suicide. One of the board members comes up with the idea of putting Barnes running the company waiting to him to ruin everything with the intention of making the company so cheap that all of the board members can buy it and then they will become majority stockholders. But things will not be like all of them hope to be. I really liked the idea of incorporated the invention of the Hula-Hoop in the story. Very funny! Tim Robbins does a good job so has Paul Newman. Jennifer Jason Leigh was a little bit annoying for me. Just need to see two more films from the Coen Brothers and then I've seen all of his films.
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drqshadow says...
3 years ago
This Coen Brothers classic often gets overlooked amidst the rest of the duo's daunting catalog, which is a shame because it would be a shining beacon in almost any other director's portfolio. Tim Robbins, Paul Newman and Jennifer Jason Leigh put on their roaring twenties accents and breathe in boatloads of snappy dialog as the centerpieces of a closed-doors corporate scheme that never seems to quit escalating. Though the climax is a bit of a cop-out, the rest of the film works magnificently as an allegory for the sins of capitalism, the failures of an impartial press and the temptations of glamour we all stare down sooner or later, while managing to be cute, creative and charming the whole way through. Excellent stuff.
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moonkodi says...
7 years ago
Got boring fast. No good characters just a few one dimensional stereotypes. The comedy was very poor. Then I found out it was Coen movie and it all made sense. I only watched it because I like Tim Robbins but in this he's got nothing to watched or watched or with. Newman looked like he didn't care.
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Featured User Reviews

7/10  10 months ago
I'm sure if I googled around for a minute I'd be able to find an established term that describes the style/vibe of this film, but instead I'm going to reinvent the wheel and describe it myself. It exists in a heightened version of reality. All of the ideas are familiar, and are grounded conceptual More
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