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The Minute You Wake Up Dead Poster

The Minute You Wake Up Dead

1h 30m
Thriller, Crime
A stockbroker in a small southern town gets embroiled in an insurance scam with a next-door neighbor that leads to multiple murders when a host of other people want in on the plot. Sheriff Thurmond Fowler, the by-the-book town sheriff for over four decades, works earnestly to try and unravel the town’s mystery and winds up getting more than he bargained for.
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Morgan Freeman
Sheriff Thurmond Fowler
Ben VanderMey
Deputy Kane
Liann Pattison
Purnie Cannon
James Harlon Palmer
Cecil Hammond
Ronnie Yelverton
Sherriff's Department Visitor
Directed By: Michael Mailer
Written By: Timothy Holland (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

vetavde says...
a month ago
Yeah, turns out that when you make a movie with absolutely 0 likable characters in it, the viewer doesn't care about the outcome. So about or around murder 2, the viewer has lost his 'I like him/her' anchor, and is suddenly adrift in a sea of assholes he cares little or less about. This makes the conclusion of the movie a bit of a moot point, as neither resolution nor retribution can be had. The movie tries (and fails) to end on a profound note, but by then most will have stopped caring. Whats left is a 100 minutes of wasted time in a very flimsy whodunnit 'mystery' where at one point I started rooting for all participants getting the Ebola virus to end the movie early. Please heed the warnings here: Avoid. It's not bad enough to be good, trust me.
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NoScopeDog says...
2 months ago
Unbelievable bad. Please don’t waste your time
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topmeoff0624 says...
3 months ago
It was a decent movie to me
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ak85lp says...
3 months ago
My first clue on how bad this was going to be was having an 85 year old sheriff run the investigation. It just got worse from there, I didn't watch the last 30 minutes.
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Featured User Reviews

2 months ago
Middling mystery-thriller that turns into a black comedy halfway through, but not very effective either way. I assume this is just another paycheck for this cast as there's nothing here that makes it very entertaining, but I guess I expect no less from the folks at Grindstone Entertainment... **2.25 More
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