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The Perfect Storm

2h 10m
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
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The Perfect Storm' Poster
In October 1991, a confluence of weather conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. Caught in the storm was the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail.
The Perfect Storm Poster

The Perfect Storm

2h 10m
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
In October 1991, a confluence of weather conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. Caught in the storm was the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail.
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George Clooney
Capt. Billy Tyne
Mark Wahlberg
Bobby Shatford
Diane Lane
Christina "Chris" Cotter
John C Reilly
Dale "Murp" Murphy
William Fichtner
David "Sully" Sullivan
John Hawkes
Mike "Bugsy" Moran
Allen Payne
Alfred Pierre
Dash Mihok
Sgt. Jeremy Mitchell
Josh Hopkins
Capt. Darryl Ennis
Todd Kimsey
Lt. Rob Pettit
Bob Gunton
Alexander McAnally III
Karen Allen
Melissa Brown
Cherry Jones
Edie Bailey
Rusty Schwimmer
Irene "Big Red" Johnson
Janet Wright
Ethel Shatford
Chris Palermo
Flight Engineer Borgers
Wiley M Pickett
Sgt. Millard Jones
Hayden Tank
Dale Murphy, Jr.
Merle Kennedy
Debra Murphy
Jennifer Sommerfeld
Alfred Pierre's Girlfriend
Joseph D Reitman
Douglas Kosco
Sandy Ward
Quentin - The Old Timer
Directed By: Wolfgang Petersen
Written By: William D. Wittliff (Screenplay), Sebastian Junger (Novel)

Featured Comments/Tips

r96sk says...
3 years ago
Not great but not terrible - simply average. For me, 'The Perfect Storm' fails to hit the right notes. I was not aware of the events that this film is based upon, so to that degree the ending did surprise me. However, up until that point it's a film that takes itself too seriously. That's purely in regards to the plot, which is manufactured and not linked much to the real life disaster. From the first scene it throws so many character motivations at you that it's hard to find time to actually feel connected to them. I personally didn't get attached to any of the characters in this. That's despite a terrific cast. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly and William Fichtner all give good performances, even in the midst of my aforementioned critiques. My issues lie strictly with the way this is written and portrayed, they could've done a much better job in my opinion.
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UcntKizMyKittyNC says...
5 years ago
One of my all time FAVORITES of George Clooney!
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DRNKMNKY says...
8 years ago
Surprisingly good and very moving flick based upon a true story. Although it's not a lot happening, this movie succeeds in gripping the audience's attention...
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FinFan says...
3 months ago
I was a bit surprised about the low rating because I remembered this as a good movie. However, while I certainly think that the events on which this movie is based are tragic, the movie itself is a cliche put onto film. And that's probably the books fault on which this is based on. The way the story unfolds is cliched. I'm sure there is a lot of creative freedom involved here. I doubt even half of it is true. The characters are cliched in their depiction. They just don't feel real. Which lessens the impact of their deaths. The dialogue is cheesy to the point of being cringy. Some of it could have come out of some telenovela. The 20 year old SFX didn't bother me, though. But with all the rest I can't go higher then "6". And that's more of a high "5" if I'm honest.
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Featured User Reviews

Peter M
2 years ago
I recently watched this for the second time, many years after my initial viewing. I confess I didn't always give it my full attention, not just because I had seen it once but also because the plot isn't very subtle, and careful viewing isn't necessary. The dialogue is realistic and well done, but th More
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John Chard
4 years ago
The Perfect Storm, I just love it so much.

"The fog's just lifting, you throw off your bow line, you throw off your stern-you head out to South Chanel past Rocky Neck...Ten Pound Island, past Niles Pond where I skated as a kid-and you blow your air horn and throw a wave to the lighthouse keepers More
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