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The Phantom of Liberty Poster

The Phantom of Liberty

1h 44m
This Surrealist film, with a title referencing the Communist Manifesto, strings together short incidents based on the life of director Luis Buñuel. Presented as chance encounters, these loosely related, intersecting situations, all without a consistent protagonist, reach from the 19th century to the 1970s. Touching briefly on subjects such as execution, pedophilia, incest, and sex, the film features an array of characters, including a sick father and incompetent police officers.
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Adriana Asti
La dame en noir, la soeur du premie...
Milena Vukoti
Monica Vitti
Mme Foucault
Jean Rochefort
M. Legendre
Michel Piccoli
Le deuxième préfet de police
Adolfo Celi
Le médécin
Claude Piplu
Le commissaire
Paul Frankeur
Pierre Maguelon
Le gendarme
Franois Maistre
Le professeur
Michael Lonsdale
Le chapelier
Paul Le Person
Le père Gabriel
Julien Bertheau
Le premier préfet de police
Pascale Audret
Mme Legendre
AnneMarie Deschodt
Edith Rosenblum
Bernard Verley
Le capitaine des Dragons
Jenny Astruc
La femme du professeur
Agns Capri
La directrice d'école
Directed By: Luis Buñuel

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ux21 says...
3 years ago
Once again Luis Buñuel is trolling his audience here and it’s a lot of fun if you’re in on the joke, seguing from one loosely connected, surreal vignette into the next while always withholding the conclusion. The common theme connecting most of these is the arbitrariness of moral values and conventions.
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Maarten Delfgou says...
2 years ago
The original title of the film is Le Fantôme de la Liberté.
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