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The Platform

1h 35m
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
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The Platform Poster
A mysterious place, an indescribable prison, a deep hole. An unknown number of levels. Two inmates living on each level. A descending platform containing food for all of them. An inhuman fight for survival, but also an opportunity for solidarity.
The Platform Poster

The Platform

1h 35m
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
A mysterious place, an indescribable prison, a deep hole. An unknown number of levels. Two inmates living on each level. A descending platform containing food for all of them. An inhuman fight for survival, but also an opportunity for solidarity.
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Antonia San Juan
Zorion Eguileor
Emilio Buale
Mario Pardo
Baharat's Friend
Algis Arlauskas
Inmate #1
Eric Goode
Mr. Brambang
scar Oliver
Cook #1
Chema Trujillo
Level 5 Male Inmate
Miriam Martn
Level 5 Female Inmate
Gorka Zufiaurre
Inmate #2
Braulio Corts
Cook #4
Juan Dopico
Cook #7
Lian Xushao
Cook #8
Written By: David Desola (Screenplay), Pedro Rivero (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

Jordyep says...
2 years ago
"A really cool idea for an allegory, but it could’ve, and should’ve, gone a lot deeper with its social commentary. A lot of it feels half baked and not all that sharp. Also, the characters are flat, and it leaves you with a lot of questions that needed to be cleared up (Why do people go to this place? Who’s behind it? Etc.)"
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samucael says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"Loved the idea, the concept and a lot of the allegories and analogies. I guess the child was put there so she could starve and die - the immigrant one at the lowest level by the system. The mother did a lot to try and make the food last to the ground level, she did a lot of nasty things for her child. Maybe I'm reaching here, but I think when the child goes up, she broke the system... Against all odds she made it to the top, a flaw in the matrix that happens almost never in this much beloved capitalism of ours (irony here)"
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zhangchaodao says...
2 years ago
"Started from the bottom now we here"
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yassinebinga says...
2 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
"The platform was the symbol of capitalism... The food was the symbol of every thing people are fighting and working all days. The panna cotta was the symbol of overrated and luxury products but I didn't understand the role of the child.???"
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Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
From the comments here I think people are missing out the idea I think is behind the movie and it's actually a good one.

The level below doesn't exist. I think Goreng died at the bottom and threw the Panna Cotta because the rules of not keeping the food should still apply but didn't, More
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2 years ago
A violent form of demonstration of the problems of capitalist society. Despite the fact that the level of violence is too much for me, I understand purpose of it for narration. Actually I find this film quite spiritual. The parallel between Jesus and Christian values is quite obvious.
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2 years ago
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Netflix has been supporting small, independent filmmaking for a while now. In 2018, Roma (re)opened a Best Picture nomination path to foreign films. Last year, Martin Scorsese's epic The Irishman cou More
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Arshia Borjali
one year ago
Rate: zero

This is what happens when we build a house for a door (instead of building a house and then put doors in it); An exotic, dirty and cluttered movie. Dirty but not necessarily in the visual meaning but in the cinematic meant. The director does not know what he wants to do at all, the cam More
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