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The Reaping Poster

The Reaping

1h 39m
Katherine Morrissey, a former Christian missionary, lost her faith after the tragic deaths of her family. Now she applies her expertise to debunking religious phenomena. When a series of biblical plagues overrun a small town, Katherine arrives to prove that a supernatural force is not behind the occurrences, but soon finds that science cannot explain what is happening. Instead, she must regain her faith to combat the evil that waits in a Louisiana swamp.
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Hilary Swank
AnnaSophia Robb
Loren McConnell
Stephen Rea
Father Costigan
William Ragsdale
Sheriff Cade
John McConnell
Mayor Brooks
David Jensen
Jim Wakeman
Yvonne Landry
Brynn Wakeman
Samuel Garland
William Wakeman
Myles Cleveland
Kyle Wakeman
Andrea Frankle
Maddie McConnell
Mark Lynch
Brody McConnell
Lara Grice
Burgess Jenkins
David Winter
Sabrina A Junius
Sarah Winter
Iris Martinez
Old Chilean Woman
Axel Anderson
Blind Man
Directed By: Stephen Hopkins
Written By: Brian Rousso (Story)

Featured Comments/Tips

Whitsbrain says...
one year ago
I think the most telling thing about "The Reaping" is that I can't remember much about it shortly after watching it. I do remember seeing some terrific special effects and some enjoyable performances by Hilary Swank and Idris Elba. But I also recall being frustrated with all of the confusing "visions" that Swank's character was experiencing. In fact this whole "what is real" and "what's a dream or vision" thing in movies is getting a bit overwhelming. It really took away from my enjoyment of this movie...a lot. The ending was rather dull it was supposed to shock but didn't. "The Reaping" also failed to be what it was trying to be and that's scary. It wasn't.
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jarvis-8243417 says...
4 years ago
Hilary Swank and Idris Elba lead the cast in the apocalyptic horror thriller The Reaping. When a small-town starts experiencing biblical plagues they seek the help of college professor Katherine Morrissey, who specializes in investigating and disproving religious phenomena. The script is a little uneven and does a rather poor job at revealing Katherine’s mysterious backstory. However, Stephen Hopkins’ directing adds a lot of tension and suspense, as does the score. And AnnaSophia Robb is especially good as a creepy little girl. The Reaping is formulaic and a bit clichéd, but it delivers some chilling scares.
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Featured User Reviews

6/10  6 years ago
One thing that really sucked me into watching this film was a modern take on the ten deadly plagues of Egypt found in the Exodus book of the Bible, but each of these plagues is happening in modern time. That’s something I really found interesting, along with the intelligent scientific explanations More
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The Movie Diorama
3 years ago
The Reaping harvests souls of the religiously devoted by subjecting them to this. “What hath God wrought?”. If ever there was a tagline that would instantly persuade audiences to leap up from their sofas, drive to the nearest cinema complex and purchase a couple of tickets, it’s this one. Sure More
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2 years ago
_**Intriguing first act gives way to dull second act, but decent ending**_

Released in 2007, "The Reaping" is a about a former ordained missionary who's now a professor who debunks supposed miracles around the world (Hilary Swank). She and her assistant (Idris Elba) venture to a bayou town where, More
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