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Thief Poster


2h 3m
Crime, Thriller, Action
Frank is an expert professional safecracker, specialized in high-profile diamond heists. He plans to use his ill-gotten income to retire from crime and build a nice life for himself complete with a home, wife and kids. To accelerate the process, he signs on with a top gangster for a big score.
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Sam Cirone
Spero Anast
Walter Scott
Detective D. Simpson
Sam T Louis
Large Detective in Suit
Hal Frank
Joe Gags
Del Close
Mechanic #1
Bruce A Young
Mechanic #2
John Kapelos
Mechanic #3
Mike Genovese
Bartender at Green Mill
William Petersen
Katz & Jammer Bartender
Written By: Frank Hohimer (Novel)

Featured Comments/Tips

MX23 says...
11 years ago
One of Michael Mann's best, before "Heat" there was "Thief".
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CatyAlexandre says...
9 years ago
Thief is a very well made thriller, very clever and gritty with a stellar performance by James Caan. The film is centered on Frank an ex-con and a jewel thief but he is tired and he wants to get out of the criminal life to finally live a normal life, build up a family and be happy. But Frank decides to accept a job for a local gangster, it is going to be his last work but getting out of the crime life will be harder than he thought it would be. Michael Mann's direction is very stylish with great camera work. I have to mention the safe cracking scenes that were shot in an amazing way. I never thought that it would be so beautiful to see some long minutes scenes with thiefs opening safes! Visually is so beautiful with a great cinematography. The night scenes are particularly great to look at, the streets look gorgeous, great colours and neon lights. The whole atmosphere is great. Very intense soundtrack completing each scene. James Caan is absolutely amazing as Frank and Frank he is such an interesting character. What is most fascinating about him is the fact that behind his criminal side he desires so much to be a normal person. He wants a normal life and Cann's performance is so believable. The long scene in a diner where Frank tells to Jessie, his girlfriend, how he feels about his life is so touching. I was fascinated with his words! And like this, there's another great moments throughout the film but this particular scene is the one that I certainly will remember more about. A very accomplished debut of Michael Mann, another underrated classic that need to be more recognized.
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throatsprockets says...
2 years ago
The exact crossover from 1970s to 1980s crime movies happens here.
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PorterUk says...
2 years ago
As another reviewer said, "before Heat there was Thief" and that is bang on. You can see the building blocks to Mann's later work and the plot is a similar criminal world to Heat - theft, fencing, double-crosses. It lacks the even pacing it needs to be great. But it does establish that slow, methodical Mann style of shooting which creates a wonderful atmosphere and gives so much depth to the experience. Caan is merely okay, which is a big step up from the usual crap or terrible, and the rest of the cast are all still employing that 1970s way of acting. All jittery and monosyllabic. It is a nice watch and shows a lot of gritty Chicago - but as a precursor to Heat, this is what you should watch as opposed to LA Takedown. This is the real trial run. 7.75/10
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Featured User Reviews

9 months ago
Seen this one before but decided to do another watch at random. Really great crime-thriller with James Caan perfect alongside Michael Mann's masterful direction and writing. Not quite to the level of something like Heat but probably just below. One of the best heist films ever of the ones I've seen. More
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John Chard
4 years ago
You are making big profits from my work, my risk, my sweat.

Thief is written and directed by Michael Mann, who adapts the screenplay form the novel "The Home Invaders" written by Frank Hohimer. It stars James Caan, Tuesday Weld, Robert Prosky, James Belushi and Willie Nelson. Music is by Tangeri More
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7/10  one year ago
Michael Mann's directorial debut tells the story of a highly skilled safe-cracker (James Caan), doing very well as a freelancer, who falls for the temptation of glamorous scores offered by a better-connected wise guy. Caan's scuzzy bandit hawks used cars by day and slings boosted diamonds at night, More
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