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Thirteen Days

2h 25m
Drama, History, Thriller, War
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Thirteen Days' Poster
The story of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962—the nuclear standoff with the USSR sparked by the discovery by the Americans of missile bases established on the Soviet-allied island of Cuba.
Thirteen Days Poster

Thirteen Days

2h 25m
Drama, History, Thriller, War
The story of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962—the nuclear standoff with the USSR sparked by the discovery by the Americans of missile bases established on the Soviet-allied island of Cuba.
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Kevin Costner
Kenneth O'Donnell
Bruce Greenwood
John F. Kennedy
Steven Culp
Robert F. Kennedy
Dylan Baker
Robert McNamara
Michael Fairman
Adlai Stevenson
Frank Wood
McGeorge Bundy
Kevin Conway
Gen. Curtis LeMay
Tim Kelleher
Ted Sorensen
Len Cariou
Dean Acheson
Bill Smitrovich
Gen. Maxwell Taylor
Drake Cook
Mark O'Donnell
Stephanie Romanov
Jacqueline Kennedy
Lucinda Jenney
Helen O'Donnell
Caitlin Wachs
Kathy O'Donnell
Jon Foster
Kenny O'Donnell, Jr.
Matthew Dunn
Kevin O'Donnell
Kevin ODonnell
NPIC Photo Interpreter
Janet Coleman
Evelyn Lincoln
Dakin Matthews
Arthur Lundahl
Liz Sinclair
Kenny's Assistant #1
Colette OConnell
Kenny's Assistant #2
Karen Ludwig
Operator Margaret
Written By: David Self (Screenplay)

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carlos-teran says...
9 years ago
Even when it's not 100% historically accurate, this movie is still relevant, and one of my favorite Cold Ward flicks of all time. It gets the message across, making you wonder about the hard, hard choices that Kennedy had to make in that given period of time. The development of a new diplomatic language, rules of engagement and nuclear policy as we know it today. The tension and thrill feels real (the low altitude fly-by and the U2 scenes are just great), both as a testament of those cold warriors and the way policy is made, to this day.
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Esseth says...
10 years ago
A seriously underrated film, build tension incredibly, acting is fantastic (once you get used to the accents), based on historical events fairly decently. No twists how it ends, but still an amazing tension filled ride. As long as you like the political side of things.
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lalabert says...
5 years ago
Great film and I agree with a lot of the other comments. Seriously underrated (dodgy American Irish accents aside!) . The tension is palpable and it gives you a real sense of how it may have been for the people working through that period! Frightening!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Steev1st says...
one year ago
yes well... i'm absolutely agree with other comments... very good movie with palpable sense! `[8/10]` really frightening stuff... at this time in the past i was an half yr. yg. baby and my life wouldn't be the same (like for millions of other peoples) or respectively dead! Thanks god for my Life ^_^ ...and today we look to Europe at the region of Ukraine... actually the ==dammed Russia== didn't stop to force the manner of war °!° **W**hiskey **T**ango **F**oxtrott
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Featured User Reviews

9/10  8 months ago
This movie is probably not for everyone but it was absolutely terrific. You have to be a fan of political thrillers and especially interested in history or this is just going to seem like a weak drama with very little in the way of character development. In all honesty, there really _was_ very littl More
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John Chard
5 years ago
The art of political film making in all its glory.

"Communicate with the Soviets? We can't communicate with the Pentagon - and it's just across the goddamn river!"

October 1962, for 13 days the American government fought to avert a nuclear war when it was discovered that the Soviet Union had d More
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2 months ago
Kevin Costner at least tried to do an accent in this movie, which probably means he got a new agent, a yes man that didn't bother to give him the advice that doing believable accents isn't his thing. It's almost like listening to your average Brit trying to sound like an American and completely ove More
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