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User Reviews for: Three Identical Strangers

9/10  5 years ago
Whenever I watch a movie or a documentary I try to avoid knowing much about what I am about to watch as humanly possible.  Quite often I go by the score on rotten tomatoes and maybe the first line of the description.  If both seem agreeable I might give  it a go.  

I knew the basic premise of this film:  three men find each other later in life.  You pretty much know this by the title and watching the first few minutes of the film.  I also knew that here had to be much, much more than this.  And boy.... wow.  At various points of the film my wife and I would stop to discuss something because we could not wait.  There was no shortage of empathy, outrage and disbelief as the story continued to be told.   The final five minutes are absolutely breathtaking - I won't say more than that.  That said, I would have left out the last minute of the documentary because it seemed like less of a take-away than what had just been revealed.

One side note:  the way that the story is told is absolutely perfect.  The director could have easily played games and made it more suspenseful than it needed to be.  

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