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Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Full Cast & Crew

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Adam Burke
CrewCrewIn Memory Of

Andrew Stanton
CrewWritingScreenplay, Executive Producer, Original Story

Axel Geddes

Bob Pauley
CrewArtProduction Design

Denise Ream
CrewProductionDevelopment Producer

Don Rickles
CrewCrewIn Memory Of

Galyn Susman

Jean-Claude Kalache
CrewCameraDirector of Photography

John Lasseter
CrewWritingOriginal Story

Jonas Rivera

Katherine Sarafian
CrewProductionDevelopment Producer

Kevin Reher

Mark Nielsen

Martin Hynes
CrewWritingOriginal Story

Patrick Lin
CrewCameraDirector of Photography

Pete Docter
CrewProductionExecutive Producer

Rashida Jones
CrewWritingOriginal Story

Ren Klyce
CrewSoundSound Designer

Robert H. Russ
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation Supervisor

Robert Tachoires
CrewProductionProduction Manager

Scott Clark
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation Supervisor

Scott Curtis
CrewSoundFoley Mixer

Steven Clay Hunter
CrewVisual EffectsAnimation

Will McCormack
CrewWritingOriginal Story

Josh Cooley
CrewDirectingDirector, Original Story

Valerie LaPointe
CrewWritingOriginal Story, Story Supervisor

Gary Bruins
CrewVisual EffectsEffects Supervisor

Natalie Lyon

Rachel Slansky
CrewDirectingScript Supervisor

Michael Yates
CrewArtStoryboard Artist

Sajan Skaria

Jesse Hollander
CrewLightingLighting Supervisor

Stephany Folsom
CrewWritingScreenplay, Original Story

Bob Moyer
CrewCrewSupervising Technical Director

Jeremy Slome
CrewCrewPost Production Supervisor

Thomas Jordan
CrewArtSet Supervisor

Qianbaihui Yang
CrewSoundSound Editor

James Spencer
CrewSoundFoley Editor

Rosana Sullivan
CrewProductionAssociate Producer

Simon Baek
CrewArtSet Designer

Elyse D. Meier
CrewDirectingScript Coordinator

Kim Collins
CrewProductionProduction Manager

Hyein Park
CrewArtStoryboard Artist

Carrie Hobson
CrewWritingStory Artist

Steve Karski
CrewArtSet Supervisor

Alan Oppenheimer
CastActorOld Timer (voice)

Annie Potts
CastActressBo Peep (voice)

Betty White
CastActressBitey White (voice)

Bill Hader
CastActorAxel the Carnie (voice)

Blake Clark
CastActorSlinky Dog (voice)

Bonnie Hunt
CastActressDolly (voice)

Carl Reiner
CastActorCarl Reineroceros (voice)

Carl Weathers
CastActorCombat Carl (voice)

Carol Burnett
CastActressChairol Burnett (voice)

Christina Hendricks
CastActressGabby Gabby (voice)

Don Rickles
CastActorMr. Potato Head (voice)

Estelle Harris
CastActressMrs. Potato Head (voice)

CastActorCaboom TV Announcer (voice)

Jay Hernandez
CastActorBonnie’s Dad (voice)

Jeff Garlin
CastActorButtercup (voice)

Jeff Pidgeon
CastActorAliens (voice)

Joan Cusack
CastActressJessie (voice)

John Morris
CastActorTeenage Andy (voice)

John Ratzenberger
CastActorHamm (voice)

Juliana Hansen
CastActressMiss Wendy (voice)

June Squibb
CastActressMargaret the Store Owner (voice)

Keanu Reeves
CastActorDuke Caboom (voice)

Laurie Metcalf
CastActressAndy's Mom (voice)

Lori Alan
CastActressBonnie's Mom (voice)

Mel Brooks
CastActorMelephant Brooks (voice)

Patricia Arquette
CastActressHarmony’s Mom (voice)

Tim Allen
CastActorBuzz Lightyear (voice)

Timothy Dalton
CastActorMr. Pricklepants (voice)

Tom Hanks
CastActorWoody (voice)

Tony Hale
CastActorForky (voice)

Wallace Shawn
CastActorRex (voice)

Ally Maki
CastActressGiggle McDimples (voice)

Jordan Peele
CastActorBunny (voice)

Keegan-Michael Key
CastActorDucky (voice)

Kristen Schaal
CastActressTrixie (voice)

Melissa Villaseñor
CastActressKaren Beverly (voice)

Madeleine McGraw
CastActressBonnie (voice)

Jack McGraw
CastActorYoung Andy (voice)

Steve Purcell
CastActorThe Dummies (voice)

Emily Davis
CastActressBilly / Goat / Gruff (voice)

Lila Sage Bromley
CastActressHarmony (voice)

Maliah Bargas-Good
CastActressLost Girl (voice)
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