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Triangle of Sadness

2h 27m
Comedy, Drama
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Triangle of Sadness' Poster
A celebrity model couple are invited on a luxury cruise for the uber-rich, helmed by an unhinged captain. What first appeared Instagrammable ends catastrophically, leaving the survivors stranded on a desert island and fighting for survival.
Triangle of Sadness Poster

Triangle of Sadness

2h 27m
Comedy, Drama
A celebrity model couple are invited on a luxury cruise for the uber-rich, helmed by an unhinged captain. What first appeared Instagrammable ends catastrophically, leaving the survivors stranded on a desert island and fighting for survival.
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Directed By: Ruben Östlund
Written By: Ruben Östlund

Featured Comments/Tips

henricamposs says...
2 months ago
Movies that you can smell
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AlfieSGD says...
3 months ago
For the first two thirds, "Triangle of Sadness" is a really strong, funny, but also bitter satire. Director Ruben Östlund targets the world of the rich and beautiful and relies heavily on black humor. The cast is strong across the board. In particular, the long discussions between the main characters Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (the recently deceased Charlbi Dean) were always fascinating. The film is by no means subtle. Bodily fluids play a significant role in a crucial sequence. What I didn't like was the film's final third, which dragged on far too long. The film is at least 20 minutes too long. The finale was neither surprising nor particularly exciting. Östlund most likely wanted to demonstrate what happens when the previously established hierarchy is turned upside down. That was unnecessary, especially at that length. Overall, I would still give the movie a clear recommendation.
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Snowy_CapHaddock says...
2 months ago
Comment contains spoilers
Proficiently made from the technical point of view but way too much "rub in your face" message, more focused on provoking a visceral reaction rather than a thought: I like subtlety in the delivery of an idea, not [spoiler] "rich people vomits and get sick as well, even in their ivory tower" and some Lord of the Flies/society role reversal [/spoiler]. And I'm not referring to a piece of filmmaking passing its message just in an ethereal way, Parasite has its bits as well but doesn't just focus on "let's get this through in the only way millenials and 5 sec attention span generation will get it: through visual showing outrage". I wonder how people can comment "hilarious" on this movie, the only genuinely funny part was the captain's bit with the Russian guest.
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Bradym03 says...
2 months ago
“Shit. I sell shit.” Triangle of Sadness may not be everybody’s type of comedy or may be too strange for some, but I thought this was hilarious. There’s a scene in this movie where everybody on the cruise ship has seasick and explosive diarrhea, and the sick look so realistic that even I started to feel sick. It’s a bizarre movie that weirdly feels and looks like a foreign language film, even though it’s not. Of course, this will only appeal to an audience that will appreciate it by its odd nature, and for those people, I highly recommend it, lol. Also, rest in peace Charlbi Dean Kriek. I was shocked to learn of her unexpected passing afterward. She was so young and had a bright future ahead. Damn, that sucks.
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Featured User Reviews

4 weeks ago
After Titane, this is further proof that the Palm D' Or doesn't amount to much nowadays. First hour is okay but the lame rhetorics gradually take over, as if the director was trying very hard to disguise that he is making a message movie, but then decides to hit you hard with lousy slogans and quot More
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2 months ago
sketched, never completed

Looks like the director/writer had some notes, and didn't get around to write a complete script. So the movie starts out very promising, but then gradually runs out of ideas, until the last half is just ticking off the boxes of expected items.

The quirky, funny look i More
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3 months ago
I did quite enjoy this, but it's far too long and I found that the funniest bits had all already been seen in the trails! Initially, it centres around the fairly tempestuous relationship between models "Carl" (Harris Dickinson) and "Yaya" (Charlbi Dean). The latter is an influencer who looks at thei More
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