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You People

1h 57m
Romance, Comedy
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You People' Poster
A new couple and their families reckon with modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations and generational differences.
You People Poster

You People

1h 57m
Romance, Comedy
A new couple and their families reckon with modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations and generational differences.
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Directed By: Kenya Barris
Written By: Jonah Hill, Kenya Barris

Featured Comments/Tips

izzmo says...
6 days ago
Such a cringy movie but definitely some laughs. I don’t really get Albar’s whole character though.
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aninaforst-deleted-1675121059 says...
5 days ago
my comment calling this blatant anti-white propaganda got deleted for 'bigotry'. huh. imagine that. i wonder which marginalized group is being protected and if it's the same one Kanye talked about lmaooooooo
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Lee Brown Barrow says...
7 days ago
You People is a mostly enjoyable movie although it's never as funny or as biting as it could have been. A good cast elevates the sometimes heavy handed material.
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durack says...
a week ago
Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks super hot in this. The cast is great. I think this movie is low-key making a mockery of the woke movement. At least that's my opinion. If that was the intention. Respect, and well done! :rofl: I'm not sure how and why Ashkenazi Jews insist that they are white and speak for all white people. I'm not white and do not live in Europe or the USA. For me, this movie is highlighting this obsession very well. Hence my original comment about this movie trolling the whole Woke movement. As a portrayal of these obsessions of some Jews and African Americans, this movie is a good comedy. There's a line delivered by David Duchovny that goes something like "When you think about it, Jews were the OG slaves”. That line sums-up the woke movement very well. A competition for victimhood seeking 'special' treatment and reparations from Anglo Saxons.
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Featured User Reviews

3 days ago
You People is a painfully average movie. Very average performances mixed with a bad script. The whole story felt as if they were checking off scenarios from a social issues list. I am all for telling these types of stories about race and sexuality, but the message is so blatant that it takes precede More
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Chris Sawin
7 days ago
_You People_ is a cold-blooded comedy filled with miserable characters who are all horrible human beings. The performances are fine if you were meant to walk away hating everyone in this film. Worst of all, this entire scenario can only end one way. There is eventually a moment of sincerity and humi More
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