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1h 34m
Employees at a Bennigan's-like restaurant (called, creatively enough, Shenanigan's), kill time before their real lives get started. But while they wait, they'll have to deal with picky customers who want their steak cooked to order and enthusiastic managers who want to build the perfect wait staff. Luckily, these employees have effective revenge tactics.
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Directed By: Rob McKittrick
Written By: Rob McKittrick

Featured Comments/Tips

rxp91 says...
a month ago
Really enjoyed this. It captures the frustration of coming into your 20s at the time of stagnant wages and lack of opportunity so well. Surprised I’ve not seen this until now. Right up my wheel house
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RandoTM says...
3 months ago
I would've probably enjoyed it if I had watched it when I was still in my teens. Alas, I found this movie to be very poor. It felt like a complete waste of time. Vanessa is so hot though! That alone is worth a few points lol
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Narate says...
2 years ago
>"Shit... this is gonna be that kind of a party that I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potato!" I remember thinking this was hilarious. It still has it's moments and it is sad how many of those things really do happen in the restaurant business, but all I could think about was "Whoa I wonder how the crowd would react if this was released now." I remember seeing a review that said this was "Therapy for Restaurant workers" and I have to say I agree.
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cary99 says...
4 years ago
So much talent in this movie. know I'm just getting around to it almost 14 years later, but still cool to see how far much of this talent has come over that time period.
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Featured User Reviews

Ragnar Danneskjöld
4/10  2 years ago
Growing up as a Gen X'er, our cinematic comedic heroes were average Joes and Jills who found a way to overcome and succeed when a serious crisis appeared. Movies like Revenge of the Nerds (1984), Police Academy (1984) or Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) all put ordinary people into extraordin More
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2 years ago
Great watch, will likely watch again, and do recommend.

Granted it's a little raunchy, but it should be somewhat relatable to everyone.

This joins a movies like "Clerks" (basically any Kevin Smith movie), and "The Concessionaires Must Die" for it's fantastic dialogue and interesting characters More
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7/10  2 years ago
Watching the film in 2006 - "This film is hilarious!!! I love it!!! It's like watching what was going on in the restaurant from Office Space!!"

Watching the film in 2021- "OMG!! I can relate to these people. The constant flow of negativity from people who don't have an ounce More
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4 years ago
_Waiting..._ is incredible for three reasons.

Firstly, it was one of the films that helped rocket forward the careers of both Ryan Reynolds (_Buried, Deadpool_) and Justin Long (_Accepted, Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers_).

Secondly, it glorifies what is in my opinion the best American Comedy ever More
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