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Walking Tall

1h 26m
Adventure, Drama, Action, Thriller
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Walking Tall' Poster
A former U.S. soldier returns to his hometown to find it overrun by crime and corruption, which prompts him to clean house.
Walking Tall Poster

Walking Tall

1h 26m
Adventure, Drama, Action, Thriller
A former U.S. soldier returns to his hometown to find it overrun by crime and corruption, which prompts him to clean house.
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Dwayne Johnson
Chris Vaughn
Johnny Knoxville
Ray Templeton
Neal McDonough
Jay Hamilton
Kristen Wilson
Michelle Vaughn
Cobie Smulders
Exotic Beauty
Michael Bowen
Sheriff Stan Watkins
John Beasley
Chris Vaughn Sr.
Barbara Tarbuck
Connie Vaughn
Khleo Thomas
Pete Vaughn
Eric Breker
Deputy Ralston
Ben Cardinal
Michele's Partner
Terence Kelly
Judge L. Powell
Tom Scholte
Merle Crowe
Mark Houghton
County Prosecutor
Directed By: Kevin Bray
Written By: Brian Koppelman (Screenplay), David Levien (Screenplay), + 2 more

Featured Comments/Tips

jekyl6669 says...
6 years ago
Light, weightless, fun action. The Rock is great in the role, and the story is good. It's not as compelling or fleshed out as the originals or the true story. But it's a fun enough action movie to forgive all that and have a good time with the retribution.
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NotoriousX says...
one year ago
Just like I remember it, Walking Tall is a pretty straight forward action movie. A “strong” protagonist, comedic sidekick, hot chicks, and a whole lot of mayhem. Not exactly high art, but it follows the formula well enough to be quite entertaining. I like it!!!
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KayP_97 says...
8 months ago
Walking Tall is a simple action film that is only worth watching for The Rock. It has a very straightforward story mixed with a lot of generic action that while not bad, just doesn't entertain me as much as I hoped. The Rock at this point was still new to these sort of action films and he is extremely likeable and is able to carry a film on his own to some degree. He kicks ass and he has the look for it too. I like Neal McDonough and makes for a decent villain. Some of the action is a little unbalanced, and theirs only two of them I thought had some value. The first when he revisits the casino with his 2x4 and the shootout at the station. The rest just felt kind of sloppy. I am not the biggest Knoxville fan but I quite enjoyed his humour in this. Not a terrible movie by any means, but hard to find a reason to watch it again. 5/10
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Alexlewinboi01 says...
one year ago
great film Dwayne Johnson is amazing in what he does in this film
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Featured User Reviews

Per Gunnar Jonsson
4 years ago
There is absolutely nothing special about this movie. It is average all the way. It is however a decent enough off-the-shelf action flick which fulfils its purpose. That is to provide an hour and a half of decent entertainment.

Our hero comes back from being away for quite a while and finds the b More
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