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War Poster


1h 43m
Action, Thriller
FBI agent Jack Crawford is out for revenge when his partner is killed and all clues point to the mysterious assassin Rogue. But when Rogue turns up years later to take care of some unfinished business, he triggers a violent clash of rival gangs. Will the truth come out before it's too late? And when the dust settles, who will remain standing?
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Jet Li
Jason Statham
Special Agent Jack Crawford
John Lone
Li Chang
Devon Aoki
Kira Yanagawa
Saul Rubinek
Dr. Sherman
Ryo Ishibashi
Shiro Yanagawa
Sung Kang
Special Agent Goi
Andrea Roth
Jenny Crawford
Mathew St Patrick
Special Agent Wick
Terry Chen
Special Agent Tom Lone
Steph Song
Diane Lone
Kane Kosugi
Temple Garden Warrior
Annika Foo
Amy Lone
Nicholas Elia
Daniel Crawford
Tim Perez
Mexican Interpol Agent
Peter Shinkoda
Harbor Yanagawa Shatei
Larry Lam
Yanagawa Assassin
Directed By: Philip G. Atwell

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crm17 says...
a month ago
[spoiler] Was good until terrible ending completely ruined it. [/spoiler]
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ViperDu'Vark says...
one year ago
It was awesome to see Statham and Li together in the same movie, they both worked well with each other. While the action in War was top-notch and amazing, the overall plot of the film was just subpar. By saying subpar I mean that the plot was interesting, fun, and entertaining to follow through most of the movie until about 10 minutes left of the film when the final main twist is shown and then my interest is lost quickly and I no longer was having any fun. I was very disappointed in how the movie ended. I believe that an ending helps make most of the movie. If the ending fails, that bad feeling you feel after you leave the theater will cloud how great the rest of the film actually was, thus overall downgrading how you enjoyed yourself watching that movie.
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Tanmay Panigrahi says...
2 years ago
Definitely a must watch movie
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KevinSocial9697 says...
3 years ago
This is such a fun action flick to catch on a late-night, it's got a very straight forward story but Jason Statham (Jack Crawford) and Jet Li (Rogue) are so perfect in this film with both of them showing their acting ability but also their physical abilities. Also, all of the action sequences in this film are so perfect but with Cory Yuen doing the Fight Choreography that doesn't surprise me at all. I will say that the film can get a little cheesy with its story and acting from some characters, but this film was made to have a little bit of fun and have some cheap thrills. I must mention that the soundtrack for this film and the score is soooooooo good with Brian Tyler dealing with the score and Dr. Dre and RZA providing additional music, wish I could find all of the music on Spotify as I found my self Shazaming a lot during this film. Anyway, this is essential for any Jet Li fan and Jason Statham fan as its both of them at their career height and it does pay off in the end.
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