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User Reviews for: What Is a Woman?

CONTAINS SPOILERS/10  9 months ago
There were several shocking moments in the interviews that opened my eyes to how damaging the trans movement has become - both to children and to society in general. But the dramatization parts were condescending and Matt Walsh is not likable at all. This did do a good job at exposing transgenderism, it's community, the "medical professionals," and society's dogmatic/authoritarian agenda pushing. Men are biological males. Women are biological females. And society has gone off the deep end by allowing this craziness get this far. Got it. But why alienate potential supporters of your documentary by pushing the idea of sexist gender norms? He insisted that girls naturally want to play with dolls and boys want to be hunters. He conflated societal expectations with genetic traits. The final scene was so obtusely sexist I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a joke or not: there's his wife in the kitchen, wearing an apron, making her husband a sandwich. And she needed her big strong husband to open a jar for him. Women can absolutely take on these traditional norms if that's what they want, but these gender norm conforming scenes nearly ruined the whole message of the film. The better documentary would have pushed the idea that men and women can exhibit both masculine and feminine traits and that's fine. But a man enjoying feminine things doesn't make him a woman and a woman enjoying masculine things doesn't make her a man. And no, you shouldn't feel compelled nor encouraged by society to surgically dismember and chemically castrate yourself just because you like different things. And you shouldn't be allowed to declare yourself a member of the opposite sex just because you feel like it. Because at the end of the day, the identity that matters most is not your gender identity, it's your individual identity.
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