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You Cannot Kill David Arquette Poster

You Cannot Kill David Arquette

1h 31m
Following his infamous championship as part of a marketing stunt for the film Ready to Rumble, David Arquette is widely known as the most hated man in pro-wrestling worldwide. Nearly 20 years after he "won" the initial title, through ups and downs in his career, with his family, and with his struggles with addiction, David Arquette seeks redemption by returning to the ring...for real this time.
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Directed By: David Darg, Price James
Written By: David Darg, Price James

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LarZieJ says...
3 years ago
You Cannot Kill David Arquette surprised me very much. I went into it not knowing what to expect but it has loads of heart. Seeing David Arquette trying to earn the respect of other wrestlers is amazing. Seeing him with Luke Perry's son is heartwarming. Street wrestling in Mexico is awesome! Death Matches are still hard to watch. David Arquette continuing with such an injury is class. Seeing DDP doing DDP Yoga on a rock is epic. And Courtney Cox looks like a plastic doll these days. Anyway this one is certainly worth a watch if you are even slightly interested in Wrasslin'.
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Codex13 says...
2 years ago
This really took me on a ride. Moments were hard to watch, I started feeling really bad for David the more I saw him frankly _humiliate_ himself, but watching him get better and better at a sport he clearly loves that for so long didn't love him at all is genuinely touching. It was especially nice seeing Coco at first find the whole thing so cringe, and then she's so proud of him and talking about how good he's doing while showing her mom his match. So sweet. Also there's no need to go after Courtney Cox's looks, Lars.
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