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Z  Storm Poster

Z Storm

1h 32m
Crime, Thriller
ICAC principal investigator William Luk takes his job seriously, and he needs every last scintilla of support from his team to take on the powerful and cunning Supt Wong, who is corrupt to the core. Wong is an enthusiastic tool of the monstrous Malcolm Wu, a cowboy big-time share trader who will stop at nothing to secure a large slice of the upcoming float of the HK government pension fund, worth billions.
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Louis Koo
William Luk
Lam Katung
Supt Wong
Dada Chan
Angel Leung
Janelle Sing
Tam Mei-Lei
Michael Wong
Malcolm Wu
Lo Hoipang
Law Tak-Wing
Eddie Cheung
Yu Hung-Sing
Felix Lok YingKwan
Tsui Wai-King
Liu KaiChi
Private detective
Tony Ho
Deon Cheung
Siu Leung
May Law KoonLan
Fan Law Pei Fong
Henry Fong
Police Commissioner
Joe Cheung Tungcho
Chan Chi-Choi
Wang Lanfei
Kong Wai-Ling
Lui Saan
Kong Wai-Ling's mother
Ken Law HoMing
Choi Tze-Bin
Directed By: David Lam
Written By: Wong Ho-Wa, David Lam (Story)

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