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Jerry Habibi

Jerry Habibi


Jerry Habibi is an Iranian-American actor. He premiered The Persian Version (2023) at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, after a nearly three year period of being championed by Iranian-American director, Maryam Keshavarz, to portray his role as 'Abbas'. His portrayal of 'Abbas' has been praised for his comedic timing, wit, dancing, and natural delivery, in the 2023 Sundance U.S. Dramatic Award-Winning Film. Jerry is a native speaking Farsi/English performer of American Nationality and Iranian origin. Born to two immigrant parents from Iran, he is a first generation Iranian-American. Jerry has trained and studied various acting techniques from Stanislavski, Shurtleff, Chekhov and more. He has undergone various forms of movement and dance training with a particular focus in Persian dance. He is passionate about continuously diversifying his training and has converted his expertise in music production to his voiceover work and ADR workshops.

Born: in Dallas, Texas, USA

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