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1883 (2021)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Art Linson
Crew Production Executive Producer

Beau J. Genot
Crew Production Associate Producer

Beth Sepko
Crew Production Local Casting

Bob Yari
Crew Production Executive Producer

Brian Tyler
Crew Sound Original Music Composer

Carla Curry
Crew Art Set Decoration

Carolyn Dessert
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor

Cary White
Crew Art Production Design

David Glasser
Crew Production Executive Producer

Derrick Mitchell
Crew Visual Effects VFX Editor

George Haddad
Crew Sound Supervising Sound Editor

Ian Roylance
Crew Art Property Master

Jacqui Popelka
Crew Production Travel Coordinator

Janie Bryant
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design

Jason Rodriguez
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator

John Linson
Crew Production Executive Producer

John Papsidera
Crew Production Casting

Ken Topolsky
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer

Mary Jasionowski
Crew Crew Production Controller

Michael Owens
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor

Rajeev Malhotra
Crew Production Co-Producer

Robert Del Valle
Crew Production Unit Production Manager

Ron Burkle
Crew Production Executive Producer

Taylor Sheridan
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator, Writer, Director1

Ben Richardson
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer

Christina Voros
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Director, Director of Photography4

Diego Gat
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Kyle Clausen
Crew Sound Music Editor

Mark Eberle
Crew Camera Camera Operator1

Mark Jarrett
Crew Production Other4

Yvonne Boudreaux
Crew Art Supervising Art Director

Jade Peterson
Crew Crew Transportation Coordinator

Nicole Nelch
Crew Production Location Coordinator

Samuel Ejnes
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer4

Emily Bohbrink
Crew Production Casting Associate

Greg T. Moon
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Department Head4

Fabiana Arrastia
Crew Production ADR Voice Casting

Andrea von Foerster
Crew Sound Music Supervisor

Angela Padilla Clark
Crew Production Production Coordinator4

Richard Bullock Jr.
Crew Sound Sound Mixer

Cheryl G. Smith
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup & Hair1

Chris Gonzalez
Crew Lighting Gaffer1

Nathan D. Gunn
Crew Editing Editor1

Lilian Langston
Crew Production Production Coordinator1

Tim Muir
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hair Department Head

Gus Bechini
Crew Lighting Gaffer1

Derek M. Chavez
Crew Production Production Supervisor

John Gorman
Crew Lighting Gaffer4

Lisa Ward
Crew Art Assistant Art Director

Breton Vivian
Crew Sound Original Music Composer3

Charles Bunn
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Assistant Editor

Daryl Baboulis-Gyscek
Crew Production Casting Assistant

Caitlyn Birdsong
Crew Production Executive Producer's Assistant

Mary Prendergast
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor

Jeremy Cox
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects

Michael Friedman
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer

Nell Whalen
Crew Production Executive Producer's Assistant

Keith Cox
Crew Production Executive In Charge Of Production

Robert Busch
Crew Editing Online Editor

Lauren Ruggiero
Crew Production Executive In Charge Of Production

Megan Selden
Crew Production Executive Producer's Assistant

Charlie Skinner
Crew Production Production Supervisor4

Haddie Cooke
Crew Production Executive Producer's Assistant4

Matt Riera
Crew Editing Other4

Abe Kurien
Crew Editing Other4

Sammy Hammett
Crew Art Construction Coordinator4

Tanya Peel
Crew Sound Boom Operator4

Gaby Acosta
Crew Costume & Make-Up Assistant Costume Designer4

Max Drenckpohl
Crew Editing Other4

Kyle Baugher
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer4

Alex Stein
Crew Camera Key Grip, Best Boy Grip1

Austin Schmidt
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Coordinator4

Dustin Daniels
Crew Production Location Manager4

Trevor Jones
Crew Directing Second Assistant Director2

Dan Halprin
Crew Production Post Production Coordinator4

Danna Rogers
Crew Camera "C" Camera Operator3

Gregg Simmons
Crew Camera Best Boy Grip1

Frank Howard
Crew Camera Camera Technician1

Fiona Griffin
Crew Production Production Manager1

Krissy Mallette
Crew Production Production Assistant1

Laura Hudock
Crew Camera Camera Operator1

Hillary Lewis
Crew Production Post Production Coordinator1

James Lampmann
Crew Production Line Producer1

David Burt
Crew Sound Sound Mixer1

Brian Glazer
Crew Production Executive Producer1

Katie McCarty
Crew Production Associate Producer1

Rachel Salazar
Crew Art Creative Director1

Karen Alison Hamilton
Crew Production Producer1

Elliot Fisher
Crew Sound Sound Mixer1

Dawn Sohn
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor1

Jason Ramirez
Crew Camera Camera Production Assistant1

Ryan Kelly
Crew Editing Assistant Editor1

Jackie Kuenstler
Crew Editing Assistant Editor1

Richard Ibezim
Crew Production Production Manager1

Jill Sager
Crew Camera Assistant Camera1

Margaret Heidrick
Crew Production Line Producer1

Liz Hester
Crew Production Production Coordinator1

Greg Kubik
Crew Camera Camera Operator1

Faith Hill
Cast Actress Margaret Dutton

Sam Elliott
Cast Actor Shea Brennan3

Tim McGraw
Cast Actor James Dutton

LaMonica Garrett
Cast Actor

Eric Nelsen
Cast Actor Ennis

James Landry Hébert
Cast Actor Wade

Joey Oglesby
Cast Actor Clide1

Isabel May
Cast Actress Elsa Dutton

Marc Rissmann
Cast Actor Josef

Kamen Casey
Cast Actor Bellman1

Filip Sertić
Cast Actress Man with Smallpox1

Gurie Sheffield
Cast Actor Livery Worker1

Dawsyn Eubanks
Cast Actress Young Woman Snake Bite1

Kenda Henthorn
Cast Actress Cowgirl1

Eric Bear
Cast Actor Daniel3

Jeremy Gauna
Cast Actor Warrior1

Audie Rick
Cast Actor John Dutton

Malcolm Stephenson
Cast Actor Nikolai3

Jeff Gravley
Cast Actor Elixir Vendor1

Cassidy Gordon
Cast Actress Smallpox Man's Wife1

Jaxon Noble Pickens
Cast Actor Boy1

Lilliana Vittoria Aponte Moreno
Cast Actress Singer1

Juaqine Real
Cast Actor Felix2

Sammy DeSilva
Cast Actor Livery Worker1

Joey Olglesby
Cast Clide1

Rachel Heptner
Cast Wichte2

Melissa Ladd
Cast Actress Shea's Wife1

Roderick Fryer
Cast Actor Andy2

Gurie Sheffield Jr
Cast Livery Worker1

Courtney Herbst
Cast Actress Smilte1

Madison Bowling
Cast Actress Alley Woman1

Gratiela Brancusi
Cast Actress Noemi3

Kamen Casey
Cast Bellman1

Jas Bowling
Cast Actor Alley Man1

Liubov Balynska
Cast Sorina1

Shawnee C. Muncy
Cast Actor Thief1

Anna Fiamora
Cast Actress Risa3

Vance Boyd
Cast Actor Stockyard Manager1

Alex Fine
Cast Actor Grady2

David Luttrel
Cast Actor Angry Mob1

Ross Coleman
Cast Actor Boden2

Juaquine Real
Cast Felix1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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