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3rd Rock from the Sun Poster

3rd Rock from the Sun

TV Show
Family, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
6 Seasons
139 Episodes
3rd Rock from the Sun is an American sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2001 on NBC. The show is about four extraterrestrials who are on an expedition to Earth, which they consider to be a very insignificant planet. The extraterrestrials pose as a human family in order to observe the behavior of human beings.
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USA Streaming Sources
Hoopla Season 1-6
fuboTV Season 6
Crackle Season 1-6
The Roku Channel Season 3-6
Spectrum On Demand Season 3


iTunes Season 1-6
Google Play Season 1-6
Google Play Season 1-6
Amazon Season 1-6
YouTube Season 1-6
YouTube Season 1-6
Windows Store Season 1-6
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Latest Episodes

The Thing That Wouldnt Die 1
The Thing That Wouldn't Die (1)
Season 6 Episode 19
May 22nd 2001
The Thing That Wouldnt Die 2
The Thing That Wouldn't Die (2)
Season 6 Episode 20
May 22nd 2001
Mary Loves Scoochie 2
Mary Loves Scoochie (2)
Season 6 Episode 18
May 15th 2001
Mary Loves Scoochie 1
Mary Loves Scoochie (1)
Season 6 Episode 17
May 8th 2001
Dick Soup for the Soul
Dick Soup for the Soul
Season 6 Episode 16
May 1st 2001
Glengarry Glen Dick
Glengarry Glen Dick
Season 6 Episode 15
April 17th 2001
My Mother My Dick
My Mother, My Dick
Season 6 Episode 14
February 20th 2001
You Dont Know Dick
You Don't Know Dick
Season 6 Episode 13
February 13th 2001
Dicks Ark
Dick's Ark
Season 6 Episode 12
February 6th 2001
A Dick Replacement
A Dick Replacement
Season 6 Episode 11
January 30th 2001
John Lithgow
Dick Solomon
Kristen Johnston
Sally Solomon
French Stewart
Harry Solomon
Simbi Khali
Nina Campbell
Wayne Knight
Don Orville
Elmarie Wendel
Mamie Dubcek
John Mahoney
Dr. Leonard Hamlin
Marnette Patterson
Volleyball Girl
Pat Lach
Lauren Graham
Laurie Harris
Chris Hogan
Aubrey Pitman
Elayn J Taylor
Teacher #1
Jane Lynch
Ms. Koppel
Eddie Allen
Dr. Bankson
Kathryn Joosten
Cafeteria Lady
David DeLuise
Bug Pollone
Christine Baranski
Sonja Umdahl

Featured Comments/Tips

raceforthepuck says...
9 years ago
This show is such a gem! Even now, after almost two decades since it originally aired, it still rings true and holds it humor. My husband and I always joke about what in the world aliens would think of us if they ever landed on Earth on a normal day, and I have to admit that this show seems to answer a lot of our musings! =)
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  800
sellmoon says...
7 years ago
An oldie but still very entertaining. Sure some jokes are now not that funny and some references are a bit faded but still makes me laugh. It has very clever moments and some nonsense humor bits that still make laugh. The characters are unique and very well though and it makes you think about society in a intelligent and funny way. And while some episodes are dated in their way of thinking (I'm thinking especially the ones about the "traditional family is better", "being gay is funny" or "computers can't get better") others continue to be true: some things never change. Definitely better than so many newer sitcoms: It's a classic! If you never watched, give it a try, it might surprise you.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  400
aannawknight says...
4 years ago
I love this show, I can't stop watching it! Aired in 1996, but it's still wonderful in 2020!!
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
Jimithunder says...
one year ago
Comment contains spoilers
This was a trip to watch through in 2022 - it's a great comedy and comes recommended. The first couple of seasons took a while to get into, but after the 3rd you become hooked on the characters and want to see how it ends. [spoiler]The ending is as good as you could expect - it's worth hunting down the alternative ending as well for something different.[/spoiler] The names of the episodes are also very witty at times - a laugh in themselves.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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