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A Friend of the Family Poster

A Friend of the Family

Limited Series
Crime, Drama
1 Season
9 Episodes
The harrowing true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over a period of years by a charismatic, obsessed family "friend." The Brobergs — devoted to their faith, family, and community — were utterly unprepared for the sophisticated tactics their neighbor used to exploit their vulnerabilities, drive them apart, and turn their daughter against them. This is the story of how their lives were permanently altered — and how they survived.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 9
November 10th 2022
Outer Darkness
Outer Darkness
Season 1 Episode 8
November 3rd 2022
The Great Deceiver
The Great Deceiver
Season 1 Episode 7
October 27th 2022
Son of Perdition
Son of Perdition
Season 1 Episode 6
October 20th 2022
The Bitter Cup
The Bitter Cup
Season 1 Episode 5
October 13th 2022
Horseback Riding in American Falls
Horseback Riding in American Falls
Season 1 Episode 1
October 6th 2022
The Mission
The Mission
Season 1 Episode 2
October 6th 2022
The Gift of Tongues
The Gift of Tongues
Season 1 Episode 3
October 6th 2022
Articles of Faith
Articles of Faith
Season 1 Episode 4
October 6th 2022
Jake Lacy
Robert "B" Berchtold
Lio Tipton
Gail Berchtold
Mckenna Grace
Jan Broberg Felt
Jayden Braddock
Alexi The Diner Patron
Hendrix Yancey
Young Jan Broberg
Austin Stowell
FBI Agent Pete Welsh
Wyatt Parker
Jasper Berchtold
Colin Hanks
Bob Broberg
Anna Paquin
Mary Ann Broberg
Mila Harris
Young Karen Broberg
Elle Lisic
Young Susan Broberg

Featured Comments/Tips

alex1798 says...
3 months ago
I finished the series and I don't know who "Alexi the dinner patron" is, a regular series actor, and why is he so important as to appear before young Jan, the FBI guy, the sisters, etc. in the cast.
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miguelreina says...
5 months ago
[SkyShowtime] Possibly Peacock's best series to date, an adaptation of a surprising real story with unusual twists that manages to establish even better than the documentary the atmosphere of religiosity in which parents live, unwitting and unaware accomplices of the entry into their home from a wolf in sheep's clothing, a sexual predator who drags their daughter with a power of seduction that is actually a vehicle for pedophilic sexual abuse. The girl's abduction is a reflection of the emotional and mental abduction caused by the evangelical bubble in which she has grown up.
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swanqueenz says...
8 months ago
Was getting de ja vu watching the first episode until I realised this is the dramatised version of Netflix's _Abducted in Plain Sight_. https://trakt.tv/movies/abducted-in-plain-sight-2018
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saint4210 says...
7 months ago
Comment contains spoilers
If you want something to be furious at, this is the show for you! The parents are dumber and dumber the further it goes, and you will find yourself yelling at the screen, “He. Kidnapped. Your Daughter. Nothing else matters-stop talking to him!"
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Featured User Reviews

_A Friend of the Family_ is amazing in showing how easy it is to get manipulated, the damaging power of manipulation and grooming.
The beginning episodes are much better than the middle, it kind of drags on slightly. Like so many miniseries, it's just too long. At 4 episodes it could be really stro More
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