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Adventure Time Distant Lands

Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2020)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Jeff Liu

Adam Muto
CrewProductionExecutive Producer, Writer, Story, Storyboard4

Kate Tsang
CrewWritingStory, Staff Writer4

Pendleton Ward

Jesse Moynihan

Hanna K. Nyström
CrewWritingWriter, Storyboard, Story3

Miki Brewster
CrewCreatorCreator, Director

Aleks Sennwald
CrewWritingStoryboard, Writer1

Scott Malchus

Anthony Burch

Jenny Goldberg
CrewArtArt Direction4

Jack Pendarvis
CrewWritingStory, Story Editor4

Kimson Albert
CrewVisual EffectsSupervising Animation Director1

Maya Petersen
CrewWritingStoryboard, Writer2

Anna Syvertsson
CrewWritingWriter, Storyboard4

Hannah Garcia
CrewProductionProduction Assistant1

Allie Splain
CrewProductionProduction Manager1

Iggy Craig
CrewWritingWriter, Storyboard3

Charley Feldman

Christina Catucci

Haewon Lee
CrewWritingStoryboard, Writer1

Serena Wu
CrewWritingWriter, Storyboard1

Bill Hader
CastActorBufo (voice)1

Dee Bradley Baker
CastActorMolto Larvo (voice)1

Erica Luttrell
CastActressElise (voice)1

Hynden Walch
CastActressPrincess Bubblegum / Additional Voices (voice)4

Jeff Bennett
CastActorLimeston / Choose Goose (voice)1

John DiMaggio
CastActorJake / Additional Voices (voice)4

Kent Osborne
CastActorJoshua (voice)1

Kevin Michael Richardson
CastActorSir Soda / Smudge (voice)1

Maria Bamford
CastActressMargaret (voice)1

Ron Perlman
CastActorThe Lich (voice)1

Stephen Root
CastActorMr. M / Bob (voice)1

Tom Kenny
CastActorIce King / Simon Petrikov / Additional Voices (voice)4

Charlotte Nicdao
CastActressSee-Thru Princess / Ancient Glass Princess (voice)1

Jeremy Shada
CastActorFinn / Additional Voices (voice)4

John Hodgman
CastActorShafter (voice)1

Michaela Dietz
CastActressGlassboy (voice)1

Niki Yang
CastActressBMO / Football (voice)1

Olivia Olson
CastActressMarceline (voice)1

Randall Park
CastActorHugo (voice)1

Steve Little
CastActorPeppermint Butler (voice) / Abracadaniel (voice)1

Toks Olagundoye
CastActressDr. Caledonius (voice)1

Pendleton Ward
CastActorLumpy Space Princess / Additional Voices (voice)4

Ashly Burch
CastActressDarling (voice)1

Cole Sanchez
CastCole / Lenny Longlegs (voice)1

Tom Herpich
CastActorMr. Fox (voice)1

Bex Taylor-Klaus
CastBlaine (voice)1

Mace Montgomery Miskel
CastActorPep (voice)1

Chloe Coleman
CastActressCadebra (voice)1

John Omohundro
CastActorSpader (voice)1

Anthony Burch
CastSweetie (voice)1

Michelle Wong
CastActressKS-2 (voice)1

Chris Fleming
CastActorNew Death (voice)1

Aryan Simhadri
CastActorTiffany Oiler (voice)1

Simone Giertz
CastCGO (voice)1

Audrey Bennett
CastYoung Marceline (voice)1
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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