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All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Jo Hwa-seong
CrewArtProduction Design12

Shin Min-kyung

CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer12

Park Se-seung
CrewCameraDirector of Photography12

Chun Sung-il
CrewWritingWriter, Creator12

JQ Lee
CrewCreatorCreator, Director

Hong Jang-pyo
CrewVisual EffectsSpecial Effects Supervisor12

Kim Chang-sub
CrewSoundSound Supervisor12

Ham Yeong-hoon

Oh Se-yeong
CrewCrewMartial Arts Choreographer12

Cho Tae-hee
CrewCostume & Make-UpMakeup & Hair12

Park Cheol-su

Pi Dae-seong
CrewCostume & Make-UpSpecial Effects Makeup Artist12

Yang Hee-hwa
CrewCostume & Make-UpCostume Design12

Park Jin-ho
CrewEditingDigital Intermediate12

Shin Seung-hoon
CrewLightingLighting Director12

Son Ki-won

Kim Nam-su
CrewCreatorCreator, Director

Lee Tae-ho
CrewCrewMartial Arts Choreographer12

Lee Bong-woo
CrewArtSet Decoration12

Huh Dong-hyuck
CrewVisual EffectsVFX Supervisor12

Kim Byung-chul
CastActorLee Byeong-chan12

Jo Dal-hwan
CastActorJo Dal-ho7

Jeon Bae-soo
CastActorNam So-ju12

Yoon Kyung-ho
CastActorJung Yong-nam4

Woo Ji-hyeon
CastActorKim U-sin8

Yoon Chan-young
CastActorLee Cheong-san12

Lee You-mi
CastActressLee Na-yeon12

Park Ji-hu
CastActressNam On-jo12

Ha Seung-lee
CastActressJang Ha-ri11

Uhm Hyo-seop

Dong Hyun-bae
CastActorPark Young-hwan4

Oh Hee-jun
CastActorSon Myeong-hwan3

Lee Sang-hee
CastActressPark Sun-hwa5

Cho Yi-hyun
CastActressChoi Nam-ra12

Kim Bo-yoon
CastActressSeo Hyo-ryung12

Chae Dong-hyeon
CastActorArchery Coach1

Bae Hae-seon
CastActressPark Eun-hee9

Lee Kyoo-hyung
CastActorSong Jae-ik12

Lee Chae-eun
CastActressPark Hee-su4

Ahn Seung-gyun
CastActorOh Joon-yeong10

Ahn Ji-ho
CastActorKim Cheol-su8

Jung Yi-seo
CastActressKim Hyeon-ju3

Ham Seong-min
CastActorHan Gyeong-su5

Son Sang-yeon
CastActorJang Wu-jin12

Yoo In-soo
CastActorYoon Gwi-nam12

Kim Jin-yeong
CastActressKim Ji-min10

Kim Ju-a
CastActressYoon I-sak3

Lee Si-hoon

Lee Ji-hyeon
CastActressLee Cheong-san's mother7

An Si-ha
CastActressKim Kyung-mi1

Jin Ho-eun
CastActorJung Min-jae10

Yoon Byung-hee
CastActorKang Jin-gu2

Kim Jeong-yeon
CastActressKim Min-ji2

Lee Min-goo
CastActorLee Jin-soo4

Shin Jae-hwi
CastActorPark Chang-hoon2

CastActorLee Su-hyeok12

Kang Moon-kyung
CastActorPrime Minister1

Ahn Se-bin

Kim Jong-tae
CastActorJin Seon-mu5

Lee Eun-saem
CastActressPark Mi-jin11

Yang Han-yeol
CastActorYoo Joon-sung9

Lee Myung-ho
CastActorMedical Officer3

Lim Jae-hyeok
CastActorYang Dae-su12

Oh Hye-soo
CastActressMin Eun-ji11

Park Jae-cheol
CastActorJeon Ho-chul6

Zo Zee-an
CastActorJang Do-min2
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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