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Angel's Last Mission: Love

TV Show
1 Season
32 Episodes
Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
User Score: 
Angels Last Mission Love' Poster
As a punishment for meddling in human affairs, an angel faces the impossible task of finding a soulmate for a cold-hearted ballerina.
Angels Last Mission Love Poster

Angel's Last Mission: Love

TV Show
Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
1 Season
32 Episodes
As a punishment for meddling in human affairs, an angel faces the impossible task of finding a soulmate for a cold-hearted ballerina.
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Latest Episodes

Dans Disappearance
Dan's Disappearance
Season 1 Episode 31
July 11th 2019
Yeon Seos Life without Dan
Yeon Seo's Life without Dan
Season 1 Episode 32
July 11th 2019
Yeon Seo Refuses to Perform
Yeon Seo Refuses to Perform
Season 1 Episode 29
July 10th 2019
Ru Nas Other Plot
Ru Na’s Other Plot
Season 1 Episode 30
July 10th 2019
Dans Proposal to Yeon Seo
Dan's Proposal to Yeon Seo
Season 1 Episode 27
July 4th 2019
Dans  Yeon Seos Wedding Day
Dan's & Yeon Seo's Wedding Day
Season 1 Episode 28
July 4th 2019
Ki Chuns Confession
Ki Chun's Confession
Season 1 Episode 25
July 3rd 2019
Does Dan Finally Become a Human
Does Dan Finally Become a Human?
Season 1 Episode 26
July 3rd 2019
Yeon Seo Regains Her Memory
Yeon Seo Regains Her Memory
Season 1 Episode 23
June 27th 2019
Gwang Ils Statement
Gwang Il's Statement
Season 1 Episode 24
June 27th 2019
Shin Hyesun
Lee Yeon-Seo
Kim Dan
Lee Donggun
Ji Kang-Woo
Kim Bomi
Geum Ni-Na
Do Jiwon
Choi Young-Ja
Kim Inkwon
Angel Hoo
Woo Heejin
Jung Yoo-Mi
Lee Hwaryong
Park Gwang-Il
Kim Seungwook
Kim Ki-Cheon
Lee Jeyeon
Ki Joon-Soo
Gil EunHye
Geum Ru-Na
Created By: Choi Yoon-Kyo

Featured Comments/Tips

abtr says...
2 years ago
Strong beginning. Loved the first few episodes. Then the plot started to drag and go in circles. The cinematography was gorgeous, the OST went great with the show and the leads were amazing individually and also as a couple. They had beautiful, wonderful chemistry. Supporting characters did a phenomenal job, too. The forbidden-love aspect of this drama was its strongest point, but as I said, it got repetitive and boring in how the plot progression was approached. I think either other conflicts should have been introduced, or if not, the show should have been cut down to fewer episodes.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000
JustSoTypical says...
3 years ago
Comment contains spoilers
Honestly, I have been putting off watching this drama since I got vibes that it has no happy ending. I watched it and I was hooked! I loved it and found it interesting. I loved the main couples chemistry. I especially loved miss Jung who I wish i had irl. Anyways, it was overall great. [spoiler] The last couple of episodes were not entirely my favorite but they were good. [/spoiler]
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dlk says...
3 years ago
I'm in love with the soundtrack.
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notyourhijabi says...
4 years ago
Loved everything about this drama! From the cast to the OST, it was all just perfecttt but...how am I expected to move on just like THAT?!! Gah.
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS8/10  4 years ago
==This could have been one of the best dramas of this year but it wasn't, sadly!==

[spoiler] First of all, the plot was really good but, to me, this story should have been more sadly, dramatic and dark in order to function, when they add comedy to a very sad plot it just doesn't work.
Th More
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CONTAINS SPOILERS7/10  3 years ago
==Pleasant, but not impressive .... A strong first half that dwindled into the biggest disappointment==

I think the premise and the start had a big enough impression on me to keep watching, though it's true I did end up skipping parts just to get to the end.


So the story More
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