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Big Sky

TV Show
Crime, Drama, Mystery
3 Seasons
41 Episodes
Private detective Cassie Dewell partners with ex-cop Jenny Hoyt on a search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in Montana. When they discover that these are not the only girls who have disappeared in the area, they must race against the clock to stop the perpetrator before another woman is taken.
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USA Streaming Sources
Hulu3 Seasons
DirecTV On Demand1 Season
fuboTV1 Season
ABC1 Season
ABC1 Season


iTunes3 Seasons
iTunes3 Seasons
Google Play3 Seasons
Google Play3 Seasons
Amazon3 Seasons
Amazon3 Seasons
VUDU3 Seasons
VUDU3 Seasons
Microsoft Store3 Seasons
Microsoft Store3 Seasons
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Latest Episodes

The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep
Season 3 Episode 2
September 28th 2022
Do You Love An Apple
Do You Love An Apple
Season 3 Episode 1
September 21st 2022
Catch a Few Fish
Catch a Few Fish
Season 2 Episode 18
May 19th 2022
Family Matters
Family Matters
Season 2 Episode 17
May 12th 2022
Keys to the Kingdom
Keys to the Kingdom
Season 2 Episode 16
May 5th 2022
The Muffin or the Hammer
The Muffin or the Hammer
Season 2 Episode 15
April 7th 2022
Dead Mans Float
Dead Man's Float
Season 2 Episode 14
March 31st 2022
The Shipping News
The Shipping News
Season 2 Episode 13
March 24th 2022
A Good Boy
A Good Boy
Season 2 Episode 12
March 17th 2022
Do No Harm
Do No Harm
Season 2 Episode 11
March 10th 2022
Kylie Bunbury
Cassie Dewell
Dedee Pfeiffer
Denise Brisbane
J Anthony Pena
Deputy Mo Poppernak
Jensen Ackles
Beau Arlen
Jensen Ackles
Beau Arlen
Anja Savcic
Scarlet Leyendecker
Brian Geraghty
Ronald Pergman
Omar Metwally
Mark Lindor
Patrick Gallagher
Sheriff Walter Tubb
Janina Gavankar
Reenu 'Ren' Bhullar
Valerie Mahaffey
Helen Pergman
Jade Pettyjohn
Grace Sullivan
John Carroll Lynch
Rick Legarski
Natalie Alyn Lind
Danielle Sullivan
Ted Levine
Horst Kleinsasser
Jeremy Ray Taylor
Bridger Ryan
Romy Rosemont
Agatha Legarski
Arturo del Puerto
Tracy 'T-Lock' Ridgeton
Constance Zimmer
Alicia Corrigan
Created By: David E. Kelley

Featured Comments/Tips

asivan034273375 says...
2 years ago
pure garbage. Unrealistic. Stupid . Period.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  402
whos_ur_buddha says...
8 months ago
The writers are all over the place with season 2. Maybe they were writing while they had COVID.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Nancy L Draper says...
9 months ago
This was one of my favourite network series of the last two years. The story arc, the cast, the performances, the tension in the first season, the cinematography, all combined to sustain me as I waited for the episodes to drop over time (I prefer series to drop a season all at once, but, alas, networks are still clinging to old school release schedules). The second season didn’t have the same tension but the characters still kept my interest. I give this series an 8 (great) out of 10. [Crime Drama]
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  200
Strykar says...
2 years ago
I have to agree that this appears to be on par with what the CW puts out. I was hoping for a thrilling murder/abduction investigation. What I gleaned from the first episode is that this is a half-hearted attempt at bringing to light the presence of human trafficking. Unfortunately, there's just too many glaring holes in the reality of it all.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  201

Featured User Reviews

2 years ago
okay so where do i really start with this show its the best of the fall no doubt its action packed and fast paced and edge of your seat thrills i may just be excited to see something new during a pandimic but its for sure not the worst thing ive seen during it i highly recommend it
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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