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Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus (2020)

Full Cast & Crew

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PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes

Charley Parlapanides
CrewProductionExecutive Producer, Creator, Writer8

Meredith Layne
CrewProductionCasting Director8

Vlas Parlapanides
CrewProductionExecutive Producer, Creator, Writer8

Brad Graeber
CrewProductionExecutive Producer8

Shane Minshew
CrewProductionSupervising Producer8

Paul Edward-Francis
CrewSoundOriginal Music Composer8

Michael Hughes
CrewProductionSupervising Producer8

Adetokumboh M'Cormack
CastActorKofi (voice)4

Chris Diamantopoulos
CastActorEvios / Poseidon (voice)2

Claudia Christian
CastActressHera (voice)8

Danny Jacobs
CastActorKing Acrisius (voice)1

David Shaughnessy
CastActorDionysus (voice)1

Fred Tatasciore
CastActorHades (voice)1

Jason O'Mara
CastActorZeus (voice)8

Jennifer Hale
CastActressArtemis (voice)1

Mamie Gummer
CastActressElectra (voice)4

Melina Kanakaredes
CastActressAriana (voice)2

Vanessa Marshall
CastActressAriana's Sister (voice)1

Elias Toufexis
CastActorSeraphim (voice)8

Derek Phillips
CastActorHeron (voice)8

Matthew Mercer
CastActorHermes / Alexia's Father (voice)1

Jessica Henwick
CastActressAlexia (voice)8
PersonTypeJobRole(s) Episodes
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