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User Reviews for: Blood of Zeus

CONTAINS SPOILERS4/10  2 years ago
I kept watching, hoping it would get better and now that I've finished the season I can say I'm not impressed. I had high hopes for this animation because I liked Castlevania, but ==Blood of Zeus is underwhelming at best.== Unfortunately for this show, violence for the sake of violance doesn't make for an interesting story, and blood splatters in animation aren't as impressive these days.
I would've preferred they based the plot on a pre-existing myth, with known demigods. Instead, [spoiler] the creation of two entirely new classes of creatures makes for a confusing and uninteresting story. I was glad they stirred clear of the trope of making Hades the villain, but the motivations of Hera and her feud with Zeus didn't make much sense. The gods are too overpowered and there's appparently no limits to what they can and can't do. The main character has no charisma, the antagonist is boring and we, as an audience, are expected to have sympathy for both of them - an impossible task. The only characters I didn't completely despise were Alexia and Apollo, perhaps because they had very few lines and not enough screen time to become annoying as well. [/spoiler]
For a next season (if, by a miracle, there is one) I hope to see more of the gods and goddesses and less of everything we've seen so far.
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