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Class of Lies

TV Show
1h 10m
Crime, Drama
1 Season
16 Episodes
Ki Moo-Hyeok, a lawyer with a high winning rate, only cares about money. Due to a murder case at a high school which he deals with, his reputation as a lawyer hits rock bottom. To regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into the high school and work as a temporary teacher. He tries to reveal a secret which the students have, and gets involved with Teacher Ha So-Hyun, a P.E. teacher who loves her students. They then face the students'secret.
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Latest Episodes

Beom Jin Stands as a Witness
Beom Jin Stands as a Witness
Season 1 Episode 16
September 5th 2019
The Big Blow
The Big Blow
Season 1 Episode 15
September 4th 2019
Su Ahs Mail
Su Ah’s Mail
Season 1 Episode 14
August 29th 2019
Han Sus False Testimony
Han Su’s False Testimony
Season 1 Episode 13
August 28th 2019
Han Su Wakes up from a Coma
Han Su Wakes up from a Coma
Season 1 Episode 12
August 22nd 2019
Restoring Beom Jins Phone
Restoring Beom Jin’s Phone
Season 1 Episode 11
August 21st 2019
Tae Seoks Death
Tae Seok’s Death
Season 1 Episode 10
August 15th 2019
Spy App
Spy App
Season 1 Episode 9
August 14th 2019
Class Twos New Homeroom Teacher
Class Two’s New Homeroom Teacher
Season 1 Episode 8
August 8th 2019
Tae Ras Recital
Tae Ra’s Recital
Season 1 Episode 7
August 7th 2019
Yoon Kyunsang
Ki Moo-Hyeok
Lee Junyoung
Yoo Beom-Jin
Geum Saerok
Ha So-Hyun
Choi Yuhwa
Cha Hyun-Jung
Choi Kyujin
Lee Ki-Hoon
Jang Dongju
Kim Han-Soo
Jeong Daeun
Jung Soo-Ah
Byung Hun
Ahn Byung-Ho
Kwon Sohyun
Seo Yoon-Ah
Jun Sukho
Lee Tae-Seok
Woo Hyunzoo
Jeon Young-Hye
Suh Yuna
Jo Mi-Joo
Kim Yewon
Shin Hye-Soo
Kim Minsang
Yoo Yang-Gi
Seo Jiyoung
Woo Eun-Hye
Lee Bitna
Lee Ji-Eun
Lee Jungmin
Kim So-Hee
Shin Jaehwi
Shon Jun-jae
Kim Myungji
Na Ye Ri
Lee Jungjun
Kim Hyung-gyu
You Seongjoo
Lee Do-Jin

Featured Comments/Tips

David0542 says...
3 years ago
This drama deserves more recognition, although the plot wasn't something new, the script was written intelligently! All the performances were fine but the best ones were without a doubt Jun (Yoo Beom Jin) he really improved his acting level, and Choi Kyu Jin (Lee Gi Hoon) although he is still a young actor his acting level impressed me, every detail of his character were excellent! If you like mystery and twists in the plot you should give this drama a chance. My Score: 8/10.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  100
SwfGray says...
3 years ago
Ocn never fail to amaze me. This drama deserves high ratings. Moreover, the writer has a brainiac system. Every scenario makes you think what'll happen next or talking nor asking yourself who's the villain. It really gives me thrill. A continuously curiousity indeed kills me. I'm patiently and joyously waiting at the same time of the next episode of Class of lies. So if anyone reading this don't hesitate to watch COL/Mr.temp.
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  000

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